Acro Script

By SnoooP on Jun 04, 2005

Just an acronym script. Replaces lol with laugh out loud brb with be right back, Its using the same format as my Replace letter script..

I'll update this soon. ive been using this for months so nothing has been added since i first started using it.

I've updated it, changed the colour add a channel menu option and instructions are there when you load it...

  • SnoooP

**I've updated it again. I've got rid of part that isn't needed.


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TropicalMeltdown   -  Jul 23, 2008

Very good very very good script 10/10

Chase   -  May 10, 2007

yea i just found out why mine was doing it doble i had anouther 1 for :) (: smiley s on the script i had and it was doing it do it works fine now i love this 1 i like it better than the new 1

xDaeMoN   -  Jun 10, 2005

Maybe there\'s another On Input event. Check your loaded scripts.

LetzFetz   -  Jun 10, 2005

realy a good script, i cant use it because i am using GIRC and when this script is loaded i post all my words double for example

(16:00:31) LetzFetz: Hi
(16:00:31) LetzFetz: Hi
(16:00:35) LetzFetz: hmm
(16:00:35) LetzFetz: hmm

that suxx :(

SnoooP   -  Jun 04, 2005

OK, Your welcome to change the colors, =)

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Jun 04, 2005

not a bad script it works for me
i just changed the colours :P

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