Run Internet Explorer

By `[ac] on Jun 02, 2005

copy this in your remotes

;Run Internet Explorer by [ac] 
on 1:LOAD:{
  echo -a Your Have Successfully Loaded Run Internet Explorer by [ac]
on 1:UNLOAD:{
  echo -a Unload Successfull 
Menu * {
  Run Internet explorer:  /dialog -m acexpl acexpl
on 1:START: {
  /dialog -m acexpl acexpl
Menu * {
  Run Internet Explorer by [ac]: dialog -m acexpl acexpl
dialog acexpl {
  title "Run Internet Explorer "
  option dbu
  size -1 -1 135 25
  button "Go", 23, 105 6 23 11,ok
  box "Website", 24, 2 0 132 20
  edit "http://", 25, 4 7 98 10, autohs
on 1:dialog:acexpl:edit:25:{ set %raddress $did(acexpl,25).text }
on 1:dialog:acexpl:sclick:23:{ run iexplore %raddress | unset %raddress }


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samcobra   -  Jun 05, 2005

you don\'t need anything except a run command for this
you could even do this all through a popup. it would make it easier

Rower   -  Jun 03, 2005

Nice script =) but why use iexploerer? FF is better and more stable..

DarthReven   -  Jun 03, 2005

yes you could do that but i was thinking more along the lines of an alias and/or menu command

DarthReven   -  Jun 02, 2005

you really don\'t need a dialog for this

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