Naughty People

By Lucifer1 on May 31, 2005

This is a script that should be used on a Chatserver with ChanServ. It lets you Rightclick a name and go to Rulebreakers and select something. Also its best if the server has Botserv and have a bot Assigned to the channel your in.....


To add this script do these:

  1. Open Popups (ALT + P)
  2. In the menu search for Veiw then go down to Nicklist
  3. Go to bottom and add this script (DO NOT EDIT UNLESS ADDING OR DELETING)

Please note you may use this to make your own scripts...

DO NOT deleted the Advertise Script part.

Rule Breakers
.Caps:/msg $1 No Caps!!!! | /say !k $1 No caps in this Room please
.Flood:/msg $1 Quit flooding!!! | /say !kb $1 Stop flooding... 10 minute ban
.Repeat:/msg $1 Please do not Repeat your self in between 20 lines or 5 minutes | /say !k $1 Stop repeating
.First Warning:/msg $1 Please stop doing that!! This is only your First warning. 4Warning: 1
.Second Warning:/msg $1 Ive already told you to stop!! Second Warning. 4Warning Count: 2
.Third Warning:/msg $1 Bye bye!! You can come back in later (10 minutes) | /say !kb $1 Ban= 10 minutes
.Fourth Warning:/msg $1 Come back in 15 minutes | /say !kb $1 Ban= 15 minutes
.AKICK:/msg chanserv AKICK $chan add $1 Fifth Warning | /msg $1 You have got an AKICK for $2. Deleted: 3 Days
.Advertising:/msg $1 No advertising!! | /say !k $1 No advertising
Advertise Script:/msg $chan Rule Breakers script Created by Lucifer1 on XeroCreative


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PoiXon   -  Jun 01, 2005

Lucifer1 i dint see the instructions :P cause i was in a hurry :P

Lucifer1   -  Jun 01, 2005

Poixon.... I put this in popups so i don\'t have to use the \'menu nicklist {\'
As i sed in instructions... Thanks tho.

Yoinx im makin a new version for Admins and Ops

Yoinx   -  May 31, 2005

Umm, akick is a chanserv command. You need to be an IRCop to use KLine or Gline. Whereas a chanserv Akick can be used by sop and above (i believe).

anthalus   -  May 31, 2005

AKICK has been deprecated in IRCd. Use a KLine or GLine instead.

PoiXon   -  May 31, 2005

and you forgot

\"menu nicklist {\"

PoiXon   -  May 31, 2005

when u say a timed ban make it so that it unsets after that time

that would make it a bit better :)

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