8Ball Script

By rolz14 on May 29, 2005

!8ball Script for a Mirc Bot

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Lly   -  Sep 07, 2005

wth doe it do ?

err2   -  Jul 11, 2005

yay! one that wrks!

dem0n   -  Jun 06, 2005

I have had endless hours of fun with this snippet. But I do agree with PoiXon.

DarthReven   -  May 31, 2005

considering the 8ball concept has been re-invented 1000 times over its not suprizing that the code will will like anouthers

rolz14   -  May 30, 2005

uhh PoiXon if you notice mine is almost totally different

t0k3d   -  May 29, 2005

ugh, what happened to originality?

Ville   -  May 29, 2005

Why not put it all into one on text event. ?

PoiXon   -  May 29, 2005

why paste a script thats almost the same as http://www.hawkee.com/snippet.php?snippet_id=1056 all uve done is changed the commands and took at the /enable/disable bits and changed the responses

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