Script HELP

By `[ac] on May 28, 2005


;Script HELP by [ac]
;Buttons  {
/F1 /help
/F2 /say 0,4(enter here your script name)
/F3 /info
/F4 /run mailto:(enter here your e-mail)
/F5 /quit  
/help {
window -1 @user 50 20 380 250
clear @user
echo @user  0,4Script Maker = (enter here your nickname)
echo @user  0,4Script = (enter here your script name)
echo @user  0,4Version = (enter here your script version)
echo @user  0,4Web = (enter here your website if you have)
echo @user  0,4E-Mail = (enter here your e-mail if you have) 
echo @user  0,4Buttons
echo @user  0,4F2 = Script name 
echo @user  0,4F3 = Info
echo @user  0,4F4 = Start e-mail Program 
echo @user  0,4F5 = Disconnect
/info {
window @Info 200 200 400 250
clear @Info 
echo @Info 0,4 STATUS
echo @Info 0,4Nick = $me
echo @Info 0,4Server = $server
echo @Info 0,4Port = $port
echo @Info 0,4Host = $host
echo @Info 0,4IP = $ip
echo @Info 0,4Date&Time = $fulldate
echo @Info 0,4 = Previous menu Press F1 


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supergeo   -  May 28, 2005

How is this a help script? AC you dont have to submit 3 different info scrips....

chaplja   -  May 28, 2005

I think he did not mean on mIRC version.. probably SCRIPT version :)

PoiXon   -  May 28, 2005

The version you could use $version

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