Quick ASCII Table

By ch1zra on May 17, 2005

ASCII characters table. simple as it gets :) all info is in the remote.


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Ghost-lit Warder   -  Jul 15, 2007

I really hate the back button. D:

Ghost-lit Warder   -  Jul 15, 2007

.. wtf.. sorry wrong snippet. o_O

This was meant for your clock snippet. >_>

Ghost-lit Warder   -  Jul 15, 2007

After I unloaded it I keep getting: WCL.UPD Unknown command
Is there anyway I can fix this?

Whitey   -  Jul 06, 2005

Heh, I wrote something like this a while ago when I needed it...

alias /getchrs {
.set %chrs.cur 1
if ($exists(characterlist.txt)) { .write -c characterlist.txt }
while (%chrs.cur < 257) {
.write characterlist.txt %chrs.cur $+ : $+ $chr(%chrs.cur)
.inc %chrs.cur
.run notepad characterlist.txt

Still, your\'s is a lot better :).


ch1zra   -  May 18, 2005

updated.. don\'t know how and why I made the loop go only till 250... my bad :\

QuickStep   -  May 18, 2005

by reading the comments you are well aware that there are 256 ascii characters (actually 255, but 256 if you count the NULL), but the loop is onl 1 to 250, you should loop through 0 to 255 to show them all (or actually 1 to 255)

ch1zra   -  May 17, 2005

:) got idea from Voxx\'s [Utilities]. this is just simplified version...

xDaeMoN   -  May 17, 2005

This is nice =)

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