Three way chat

By blackvenomm666 on Aug 08, 2014

This is a snippet that will allow you to have a three way chat with people privately,instead of in a channel. Just right click in the nicklist/channel and click threewaychat. It will pop up asking you who you want to threewaychat with it's pretty self explanatory anyone finds bugs or needs help with it just let me know. input scripts can mess with this if you try to use it turn them off. also you have to have your ctcp's on seeing as it runs off of ctcp's

Menu nicklist,channel {
  .threewaychat: { .set %threeway1 $$?="Enter the first nick of who you want to threewaychat with"
    .set %threeway2 $$?="Enter the second nick of who you want to threewaychat with"
    .ctcp %threeway1 wanttothreewaychat with %threeway2
    .ctcp %threeway2 wanttothreewaychat with %threeway1
ctcp *:wanttothreewaychat:*: {  
  .set %threeway1 $nick
  .set %threeway2 $3
  dialog -v,-md yesorno.system yesorno.system
alias threewaychat {
  window -eCkbl20 @threewaychat  10 10 650 500 $mircexe
  aline -pd @threewaychat 7,1 $time(ddd h:nn:ss::tt) 3,1 Thank you for using threewaychat coded by Ryan aka Blackvenomm666
  aline -pd @threewaychat 7,1 $time(ddd h:nn:ss::tt) 3,1 you have now started a threeway chat with %threeway1 and %threeway2
  aline -l @threewaychat %threeway1
  aline -l @threewaychat %threeway2
menu @threewaychat {
  ..end threeway chat:{
    .msg %threeway1 i'm leaving the threewaychat
    .msg %threeway2 i'm leaving the threewaychat
    .unset %threeway1 %threeway2
    close -@
ctcp *:3way:*:{ if ($nick == %threeway1) || ($nick == %threeway2) {
aline -pd @threewaychat $nick $2- } }
on *:INPUT:@threewaychat: {
  aline -pd @threewaychat $me $1-
  .ctcp %threeway1 3way $1-
  .ctcp %threeway2 3way $1-
on *:close:@threewaychat: {
  echo -s closed
  .msg %threeway1 leftchat
  .msg %threeway2 leftchat
  .unset %threeway1
  .unset %threeway2

Dialog yesorno.System {
  Title "Yes or no"
  Size -1 -1 170 46
  Option dbu
  text " " 1, 02 02 167 26, hsbar vsbar 
  button "Yes ", 2, 02 24 45 20, flat
  button "No ", 3, 50 24 45 20, flat 
on *:dialog:yesorno.System:init:*:{
  did -az yesorno.system 1 Do you want to threeway chat with %threeway1 and %threeway2

on *:dialog:yesorno.System:sclick:2:{
  dialog -x yesorno.system yesorno.system
on *:dialog:yesorno.System:sclick:3:{
  .msg %threeway1 no thank you
  .unset %threeway1 %threeway2
  dialog -x yesorno.system yesorno.system


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Warriorii   -  Oct 18, 2014

I tried your Three Way Chat out and I love it, the only thing is if your could have it to chat with 5 people and also if u just want to chat just 2 people at that time then just put in 2 name and hit ok. when u do that now the window doesn't open. just a thought is still a great snippet

blackvenomm666  -  Nov 05, 2014

i'm glad you like it i haven't really done anything since i made this as far as scripting or even using the computer been busy as of late. but i may take some time and do that for you will let you know if i do

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