GAME: Tick Tack Toe

By QuickStep on May 16, 2005

Single player Tick Tack Toe script, with pretty good computer AI, enjoy!!! /ttt to start


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AlexRapso   -  Dec 11, 2009

really good graphics but the computer AI is actually pretty bad :p
this one i cannot beat!

PoiXon   -  May 21, 2005

wow really nice game i\'d change the colour of the black line on who wins you cant see it very well lol :p

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  May 21, 2005

i think it would be better if you add a score chart to popup at the bottom of it to say like $nick has won 20 and computer has won 45 or wat eva but besides that great scripting hope to see more of ur talent up here ;)

bearruler   -  May 17, 2005

I love it, another addicting thing to take up my time :)

nobody   -  May 16, 2005

I like, I like.. =)

UK-Sw1ft   -  May 16, 2005

Cool game tbh lol, cant beat the computer :@ , ill keep trying tho XD

QuickStep   -  May 16, 2005

thanks worked here, something i overlooked, in the menu event the spaces are actually $chr(160), weird, but i changed it

DarthReven   -  May 16, 2005

ok found the problem be cause you change $chr(32) to $chr(160) menu @Tick Tack Toe will not work so use menu @tick*

DarthReven   -  May 16, 2005

having alittle trouble getting my turn in cause the slcick event isn\'t working

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