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By TheTimeWinder on Jul 01, 2014

So i want a command so when people do !join it will join their channel, if they are using the command in my bots chat, so i tried the code bellow but when i used !join, it would join #thetimewinderthetimewinder. how can i make it so it joins the users channel?

on *:TEXT:!join:#: {
  if($chan == skitbot) {
   /join # $+ $nick


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Nathanael   -  Jan 07, 2015

How do I get the bot to join the channels that joined with the !join command next time? (After turning off the bot and turning it back on)

AcidzDesigns   -  Nov 26, 2014

It works but i have a problem with it not sure if its me causing it. when i type !join it will do the join command but it will add the bots name and the user that used the commands aswell. my bot is called Acidzbot and the channel i want to join is AcidzDesigns so it will join AcidzbotAcidzdesigns witch is not the channel. is there a fix for it

spartan23  -  Nov 29, 2014

you're referring to send the robot to channel someone else ?. If so then try this:


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Bacon_Space   -  Jul 19, 2014

hey u cant steal this from me i made this here is proof http://hawkee.com/snippet/10225/

spartan23  -  Jul 20, 2014

what you mean?, I never stolen your code, I just try to help the person who made this post.

TheTimeWinder  -  Jul 21, 2014

First off, He spartan did not 'steal' your script... secondly you realise just because someone may have the say script as you does not mean they stole it...

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spartan23   -  Jul 03, 2014

You have 2 errors on your code on the 2nd line:
Error #1: You have to put a space between if and brackets.
Error #2: You have to add a # character to your bot's name channel

Here you have the correction of your code:

on *:TEXT:!join:#: {
if ($chan == #skitbot) {
join $+($chr(35),$nick)

Or a another code that works exactly same:

on *:TEXT:!join:#skitbot: {
join $+($chr(35),$nick)

TheTimeWinder  -  Jul 11, 2014

Thank you so much! Works like a dream, but it be possible to make it only join channels who's names are in a list?

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