dcx colors codes

By nutty on Jun 11, 2014

A small list of color Codes i put together

hope this helps to those who like colors in dcx Enjoy

xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(255,26,0) = Red 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(0,0,0)= Black 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(251,131,250) = Purple 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(206,220,231) = Gray 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(255,255,136) = Yellow 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(255,0,132) = Pink 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(64,150,238) = Blue 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(255,175,75) = Orange 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(41,154,11) = Green 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(243,226,199)= Brown 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(0,110,46) = Dark blue 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(228,245,252) = Light Blue 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(164,179,87) = Olive  
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(169,3,41) = Brown Red 
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(229,112,231) = Light Purple  
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(255,103,15) = Dark Orange  
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(180,227,145) = Light Green  
xdialog -g $dname +b $rgb(0,110,46) = Dark Green  


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nox`   -  Jun 11, 2014

dcx has a color picker : //echo -ag $dcx(ColorDialog,fullopen dcx anycolor returndefault)

nutty  -  May 25, 2016

thank you still learning Nox :) learning it well

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