Fibonacci to n

By Ziddykins on Jun 02, 2014

Calculates Fibonacci to the limit you specify.
Can calculate fib(500) in roughly half a second.
You'll need the Math::BigInt module. As far as I know it comes default, but if you don't have it, use cpan
"sudo cpan Math::BigInt"

use warnings; use strict;
use Math::BigInt;

my $n = 2; my $a;
my @nums = qw(0 1);

print "Calculate Fibonacci sequence to [number]: ";
my $max = <STDIN>;

while ($n < $max) {
    $a = Math::BigInt->new($nums[$n-1] + $nums[$n-2]);
    push(@nums, $a);
    printf("%s\n", $a);


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Hawkee   -  Oct 02, 2014

I've had this come up in a developer interview before, so it's something to be aware of. Just don't forget the lower bounds!

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