Timer Script

By Bacon_Space on May 21, 2014

need help with timer script i wanna know how to enable and disable

/timer[name] 0 [time in seconds] msg #[channelname] [timer message]


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Kingc44   -  May 22, 2014
 /timer[name] off 
Bacon_Space  -  May 24, 2014

can u make it mor easy plz

Kingc44  -  May 25, 2014

Lets say you want to set a timer that sends a message to a channel 10 times every 5 minutes
You set it like this

 /timertest 10 300 msg #test This is a test

You assign the name "test"

[10] is the number of times it will send the message to the channel if you set it to 0 it will repeat forever until you stop the timer.

[300] is the time in seconds.

[msg #test this is a test] is the action you want the timer to do

After the timer "test" finishes its routine (sends the messages 10 times every 5 minutes) it will automatically stop.

If you want to manually stop it you can do it like this

/timertest off
BadMannerZ  -  Feb 15, 2015

I have a question regarding the timer. Can you tell me where in Mirc the /timertest...entered. You said that it will automatically stop after the timer finishes its routine. However, if the timer is scheduled to send the message every five minutes, after the first five minutes, wouldn't it automatically start over sending the message 10 more times within the next five minutes, for a total of 120 message in an hours time? You can see I'm pretty confused here lol. You also said the timer could be stopped manually. Can you tell me where in Mirc do I enter /timertest off. Thank you for your help.

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