Adding commands through the chat

By TheTimeWinder on Apr 13, 2014

So I want to be able to add commands to my twitch tv irc bot through the chat, Just so because I dont host the bot and I would need to be sending code to the streamer all the time. I would like to do #add ! and also have like #edit and #remove

on *text:#add !*:#: {
  /write commands.txt <command>

but yeah, that's as far as I could get without getting stuck, If anyone could help it would be very appreciated.


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Truk   -  Aug 08, 2014

This is the best ever script for adding commands to a bot.

Truk  -  Aug 08, 2014

I use the script on about 8 chats and they each have their own set of commands that may or may not be the same. It stores commands per channel name

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Kingc44   -  May 10, 2014

It will be more efficient if you use Hash Tables

On *:text:!add *:#:{
  if ($nick isop #) {
  hadd -m cmds $2 $3-
rebel9   -  Apr 13, 2014


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