By glucht23 on Mar 01, 2014

Trivia game this is the first script I'm posting I couldn't find a good trivia script so I made my own it's pretty basic but I hope everyone enjoys it!

Note: if you don't use either !addquestion and !addanswer or the menu option to add the trivia questions it won't work proper.

Edit: added top10 scores, fixed timer issue

on $*:text:/^[@!.](trivia)?triviatop10$/Si:#:{
  var %x, %i = $hget(triviascores,0).item, %o
  while (%i) {
    %x = $instok(%x,$hget(triviascores,$hget(triviascores,%i).item),0,32)
    dec %i
  %x = $sorttok(%x,32,nr)
  %i = 1
  while (%i <= 10) {
    if (!$hget(triviascores,%i).item) break
    %o = $addtok(%o,$ord(%i) $+ : $hfind(triviascores,$gettok(%x,%i,32),$calc($findtok(%o,$gettok(%x,%i,32),0,32) +1)).data - $bytes($gettok(%x,%i,32),b) |,32)
    inc %i
  $iif($left($1,1) == @,msg #,msg $chan triviastop10) $left(%o,-1)

on *:text:!triviahelp:#: {
  notice $nick to start a trivia game use !trivia
  notice $nick to add a question to the trivia list use !addquestion (use !addanswer to add a answer to the question)
  notice $nick use !answer to answer the question
  notice $nick you can see who has the most trivia points by using !triviatop10

on *:text:!trivia:#: {
  if (%trivia != $null) { notice $nick there is already a game in progress on %triviachan | msg $chan the question was $read(questions.txt, n, %trivia) you have %answering tries left | halt }
  else { 
    set %trivia $rand(1,%questionnum))
    set %trivianick $nick
    set %triviachan $chan
    msg $chan $read(questions.txt, n, %trivia) 
    .timertrivia 1 30 msg $chan 30 seconds left to guess the answer
    .timerending 1 60 msg $chan Trivia time up! the answer was $read(answers.txt, n, %trivia)
    .timerunset 1 60 unset %trivia
    .timerunset1 1 60 unset %answering
    set %answering 5

menu channel {
  .Add trivia:write questions.txt $$?="Enter question:" | inc %questionnum 1 | write answers.txt $$?="Enter answer:" | inc %answernum 1

on *:text:!Addquestion*:#: {
  var %addquestion = $read(questions.txt, w, $$2-)
  if (( %addquestion != $null )) { msg $chan $nick That question is already in the list | halt }
  elseif (%questionnum !isnum) { set %questionnum 0 }
  elseif (%questionnum != %answernum) { msg $chan $nick you first need to give a answer to the question $read(questions.txt, n, %questionnum) use 4,2!addanswer to add a answer to it | halt }
  write questions.txt $2 $3-
  inc %questionnum 1
  msg $chan 7,1you have added $2 $3- to trivia questions.
  msg $chan 4,2use !addanswer to add the answer to the trivia question

on *:text:!addanswer*:#: {
  var %addanswer = $read(answers.txt, w, $$2-)
  if (( %addanswer != $null )) { msg $chan $nick That answer is already in the list | halt }
  elseif (%answernum !isnum) { set %answernum 0 }
  write answers.txt $2 $3-
  inc %answernum 1
  msg $chan 7,1you have added $2 $3- to trivia answer.
  msg $chan 4,2it will be the answer to $read(questions.txt, n, %questionnum)

on *:text:!triviapoints:#: {
  msg $chan You have $hget(triviascores,$nick) points  $nick $+ !
  msg $chan You have guessed wrong 2,4 $hget(triviamistakes,$nick) times

on *:text:!triviapoints*:#: {
  msg $chan $2 has 2,4 $hget(triviascores,$2) points  $nick $+ !
  msg $chan $2 has guessed wrong 2,4 $hget(triviascores,$2) times

on *:text:!endtrivia:%triviachan: {
  if (%trivianick != $nick) { notice $nick only %trivianick can end trivia game | halt }
  elseif (%trivianick == $nick) { 
    msg $chan Trivia has been ended by $nick the answer was $read(answers.txt, n, %trivia)
    unset %trivia
    unset %answering
    timertrivia off 
    timerunset1 off
    timerending off 
    timerunset off 

on *:text:!answer*:#: {
  if (%trivia == $null) { notice $nick you need to start the game with !trivia first | halt } 
  elseif ($2- == $read(answers.txt, n, %trivia)) { msg $chan you got the answer right $nick $+ ! | timertrivia off | timerunset1 off | timerending off | timerunset off | hinc triviascores $nick | unset %trivia | unset %answering | msg $chan $nick now has $hget(triviascores,$nick) points! | halt }
  if (%answering == 0) { msg $chan you're out of tries! the answer was 1,2 $read(answers.txt, n, %trivia) | unset %trivia | unset %answering | halt }
  else { 
    hinc triviamistakes $nick
    //dec %answering 1
    msg $chan 7,4wrong answer $nick $+ ! 

on *:text:!tries:#: {
  msg $chan There is %answering attempts left $+ !


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Vegito   -  Mar 03, 2014

The !answer isn't working for me properly.
When I give in the good answer it doesn't respond.

Also make it work without !answer N let players directly type in the answer and add timers, highscores, and when times up or question is answered correctly let it pick another random question.

Also adding an anti-cheat mechanism would be great.

glucht23  -  Mar 03, 2014

I think your other trivia script is interfering with it or something my script doesn't notice you when the question is wrong it messages the channel

I added in a highscores and a timer thing thanks for the suggestion

how would I do a anti-cheat mechanism ? can't exactly block someone from using google lol

Vegito  -  Mar 03, 2014

No i dont have any other trivia script open.
and your highscore looks ripped from the Uno game XD

Anyways, it's beter now.

By anticheat I meant so people can't record the question and answers and make an auto answer bot.

glucht23  -  Mar 03, 2014

might be xD friend gave it to me a while ago and I used it for a different script so I used it on this one too c; let me know if there's anything else i can do to upgrade it

glucht23  -  Mar 04, 2014

wow people do that? that's brilliant LOL I don't know how to make a anti cheat thing for it sorry :\

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Quick   -  Mar 02, 2014

I haven't tried yours as of yet but if your looking for a good trivia script. I've been using this one for a long time now.

glucht23  -  Mar 02, 2014

I knew about that one it didn't work proper for me ;o I like making my own too though adds to the fun :>

Vegito  -  Mar 03, 2014

Tat's Trivia Bot is personally my favorite :P
You can download it here:

glucht23  -  Mar 03, 2014

well this is just a starter thing for me lol I hope to get more advanced in this stuff though (:

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