Slap Script

By Minoglem on Feb 14, 2014

This is a command to slap your friends (virtually of course) It's a random slap.
Syntax: !Slap
Please don't change the command, but if you need to you can. (Made by a 9 year old -me-)

 on *:TEXT:!slap*:#:{
    var %slap = $rand(1,11)
    if (%slap == 1) describe $chan 10slaps $2- with a 4r7a8i9n12b2o6w 10trout!
    if (%slap == 2) describe $chan 12slaps $2- with a 15dirty smelly sock!
    if (%slap == 3) describe $chan 2slaps $2- with a 4big red brick!
    if (%slap == 4) describe $chan 3slaps $2- with a 11fat fluffy pillow!
    if (%slap == 5) describe $chan 6slaps $2- with a 3pickle!
    if (%slap == 6) describe $chan 5slaps $2- with a 7huge tasty lollipop!
    if (%slap == 7) describe $chan 9slaps $2- with a 14old grumpy mean cat!
    if (%slap == 8) describe $chan 11slaps $2- with a 8old 1black 8yucky banana!
    if (%slap == 9) describe $chan 3slaps $2- with a 5chicken leg!
    if (%slap == 10) describe $chan 1slaps $2- with a piece of 5crap!
    if (%slap == 11) describe $chan 2slaps $2- with a 9big wad of cash!


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Laxus   -  Feb 16, 2014

You didn't add a closing bracket, or any flood protection this can be abused. A lot more can be added, like a text file etc.

Minoglem  -  Feb 22, 2014

I knew I forgot somethings, thanks for pointing that out.

Laxus  -  Feb 23, 2014

No problem..

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