Regex Tester

By Meta on Sep 16, 2013

A simple regex tester. To activate, type /retest or just right click in any window and select "Regex Tester", then, simply follow the instructions in the dialog.

[list=1][]You must use ( ) around any regex whose matches you want listed on the side[]This script will currently not evaluate $idenfiers or %variables (Planned)[*]This script will not match at newlines (planned, hopefully)[/list]
For regex help, I recommend:

  • Not everything you read on it will apply to mIRC, but it's still a good extensive source of information.

Updated to no longer use var.

  Simple Regex Tester by Meta/Xse/Iire

  Questions, Comments, Bugs? I am:
  Meta on,,
  Xse on,, (phone nick)
  ** Note: Where I am Xse I am NOT Meta, but not necessarily vice versa
menu * {
  Regex Tester:retest
; ------------------------------------------------------------ ;
dialog retest {
  title Regular Expressions Tester
  size -1 -1 280 220
  option dbu

  text Enter RegEx Pattern ( Without // or Modifiers ):,1,4 4 142 8
  edit ,2,4 12 132 10
  text Modifiers:,3,140 4 132 8
  check Case Insensitive,4,140 12 48 10
  check Global,5,192 12 24 10
  check Strip Control Codes,6,220 12 56 10

  text Enter String to test against: ( Tip - Right Click and choose Select All to Select All ),7,4 28 212 8
  edit ,8,4 36 212 176,multi autovs

  text Match List:,9,224 28 52 8,center
  combo 10,224 36 52 176,size edit
on *:DIALOG:retest:EDIT:2,8:listre $dname
on *:DIALOG:retest:SCLICK:4,5,6:listre $dname
; ------------------------------------------------------------ ;
alias retest dialog $iif($dialog(regextest),-v,-m) retest retest
alias -l listre {
  did -r $1 10
  var %m, %l 1, %r $+(/,$did($1,2),/,$+($iif($did(4).state,i),$iif($did(5).state,g),$iif($did(6).state,S)))
  while ($did($1,8,%l) != $null) {
    if ($regex($v1,%r)) {
      %m = 1
      while ($regml(%m) != $null) {
        did -a $1 10 $v1
        inc %m
    inc %l


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Sorasyn   -  Sep 17, 2013

You could use . The creator is a user, and time-to-time contributor here at Hawkee. :)

Meta  -  Sep 17, 2013

Haha, definitely much more feature-rich than mine!
Of course this snippet is just provided as a quick and easy way to test regex directly from within mIRC, so... idk; take it or bake it. (That's the expression, right?)

Sorasyn  -  Sep 19, 2013

Oh no, it was a recommendation for help with regex, not to be compared with your snippet. Do you mean Take it or leave it? Lol.

SReject  -  Sep 22, 2013

I actually have a mIRC snippet that tests against regex101. not posted here but if you all want, I could try to dig it out.

Sorasyn  -  Sep 22, 2013

I phased myself out of mIRC. I just use a number of websites on the off occasion I happen to need a pattern.

SReject  -  Sep 23, 2013

The bad part: I use more vbscript in my msl than I do msl >.>

Sorasyn  -  Sep 23, 2013

Eh I'm not really a fan of interpreters much anymore. OO languages almost seems cleaner.

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