Auto Op Script

By Defero on Sep 07, 2013

This script is a Auto Op script.
You just need to add users to the list who the bot should Auto op and nothing more.
When a users joins the channel who is on the Auto Op list the bot Op's the user.
Report any bugs on the IRC: Port: 6667 Channel: #Defero

Have fun!

on *:LOAD:{
  echo -a You have just loaed the Auto OP script by Defero
  echo -a If you need help just join the channel #Defero on

on 100:TEXT:+aop*:#:{
  if ($2 == help) {
    notice $nick Here are all commands of Auto OP:
    notice $Nick +aop add - Adds a user to the auto op list
    notice $nick +aop remove - Removes a user from the auto op list
    notice $nick +aop list - Lists all users from the auto op list
  elseif ($2 == add) {
    if !$istok(%aoplist,$3,32) {
    set %aoplist %aoplist $3
    notice $nick Added $3 To the auto op list
    mode $chan +o $3
    else { 
    notice $nick The User $3 is already on the Auto Op list!
  elseif ($2 == remove) {
    if $istok(%aoplist,$3,32) {
      set %aoplist $remtok(%aoplist,$3,1,32)
      notice $nick The nick $3 was removed from the auto op list!
      else {
        notice $nick There is no user with the nick $3 on the auto op list. Use +aop list
  elseif ($2 == list) {
    if (%aoplist != $null) {
      notice $nick The following users are on the Auto op list: %aoplist
      else {
        notice $nick There are currently no users on the auto op list.

on *:JOIN:#:{
  if $istok(%aoplist,$nick,32) { mode $chan +o $nick }


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blackvenomm666   -  Sep 07, 2013

i might have missed it but i'm not seeing a way for the bot to check if it's ok to add the person to the list. so anyone could use the command to add someone to the aop list and get op in the channel

Defero  -  Sep 07, 2013

Its the part on the beginning: on 100:TEXT:+aop*:#:{
It will check for users on the User list if they have the level 100. If they dont nothing will happen if they do It will work so not everybody can use it only guys who just got added to the bot with the level 100

MaxEvans  -  Sep 14, 2013

I like the one I wrote about, four years ago or so.. and it has auto op, plus a toggle to op anyone who doesn't want to be a full time op. It could come in handy for when all the ops have left, so you can toggle yourself as an op and help control the chat. <----- That's what I made.

blackvenomm666  -  Sep 15, 2013

i remember that one i commented on it

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