type on text kick (bot)

By rvalentine3838 on Jul 26, 2013

simply type !kon to activate the snippet and !koff to take it off

on *:text:!kon*:#: { if ($nick isop $chan) {
    set %kick $2 
    msg $chan $2 next time you get talk you will be kicked 
on *:text:!koff:#: { if ($nick isop $chan) { 
    msg $chan %kick you have been taken off the kick list 
    unset %kick 
on *:text:*:#: { if ($nick == %kick) { kick # %kick 


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Vegito   -  Aug 10, 2013

You can use this:

on *:text:*:#: {
  if (%kicknick. [ $+ [ $nick ] ]) kick # $nick You're not allowed to talk. 
  if ($1 = !kon && $nick isop #) {
    if (%kicknick. [ $+ [ $2 ] ]) { msg # That person is already added. | halt }
    set %kicknick. $+ [ $2 ] ] | msg # $2 next time when you talk you will be kicked. 
  if ($1 = !koff && $nick isop #) {
    if (!%kicknick. [ $+ [ $2 ] ]) { msg # $nick that person is not added. | halt }
    msg # $2 has been removed out kicklist. | unset %kicknick. $+ [ $2 ] ]
Drm0u   -  Aug 08, 2013

I am a n00b here and am struggling with getting these to work in mIRC. I have a room, have some nicks set as SOPs and AOPs. I have tried several of these great scripts and can't get them to work. Do I just copy this into the Remote tab and it will work as long as the nick is a op? Sorry for the lame misunderstanding, on my part.

I even tried to copy this in my "unloaded" blank Remote, save it to a ini file, reload it and it doesn't work. even after a restart of mIRC. Do I need to declare any global variables for my channel or ops?

Is there a place for mIRC scripting / using 101? :D

blackvenomm666  -  Aug 24, 2013

Drm0u if you put a script like this one on your own irc it will not work. this is meant for a bot. so it's a completely different irc running. dunno if that's your problem but it is a simple mistake a lot of new people make. i did when i was new to mirc

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