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Bullet_Dodger created a Page  -  Sep 27, 2008

Well i was searching for a nick-flooding snippet on here and i couldnt find any so i thought i would add one . it works if they change there nick 3 times or greater quickly . Err its pretty all auto to use so no explain needed Edit Freely . Comment and rate . . To Get This script on this is the link

`Node_ created a Page  -  Mar 09, 2004

A simple remote to kick and ban users who change their nicknames 3 times within 30 seconds, for 10 seconds.

eqrunner created a Page  -  Dec 10, 2009

READ FIRST: Current script does not work. And is currently ARCHIVED. wunderground stopped supporting api. And I need to find a new api service to use. ETA is unknown due to my busy scheduled. Ill will let everyone know if I make any progress.

illhawkthat created a Page  -  Apr 25, 2011

Used to automatically parse links posted in a chat and deliver the info to you. Also used to search youtube and deliver the information of the best result in a similar fashion. Youtube youtube youtube, all three in one?

PuNkTuReD created a Page  -  Jan 24, 2009

This is an advanced flood protection script.

jackster35-1 created a Page  -  Jul 25, 2010

This is a quick snippet I made. It flood protects your channel. It only works if the channel has it enabled.

AmyOUfan created a Page  -  Jan 08, 2009

This kicks for simple text floods made in your room.

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napa182 created a Page  -  Aug 22, 2007

Ok what this does is warn kick ban a channel flooder. Put in a new remote of the bot add Ur self as bot owner by typing /owner nickehere

Midnight_Lynx created a Page  -  Nov 10, 2009

This is quite a funny one, I made this when i was bored and just wanted to tick people off ;] lol enjoy :) ( By the way the random numbers before the word Cawkcawk are rainbow colors :P )

weaver created a Page  -  Dec 08, 2006

This script will get those who paste alot of lines into a channel or people who specially flood. Not get those who talk fast or like to play around a little. Its also multi channel and server capable so you can have it running on different channels and servers and it will work fine.

simo created a Page  -  May 22, 2017
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this will get rid of mass nick changes on channel and also will check for irccloud host and ban appropriately

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simo created a Page  -  May 09, 2017
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this will scann joining nicks in channel for paterns in nicks and get rid of them

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Cobra_Strike created a Page  -  Nov 13, 2006

This is my first flood protection script

ChunkieMonkey created a Page  -  Jul 13, 2008

Series of Annoying timer..Put in alt+r Umm...Need access to botserv in channel to fully work.

[-Superboyz-] created a Page  -  Dec 28, 2004

just kidding ;p lolz...

Reaper09 created a Page  -  Jul 28, 2009

This will flood a channel of you're choice but be care full you don't. Make it do it to much and get you're self Z:lined K:lined Gz:lined Ect....

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Sephiroth created a Page  -  Dec 07, 2005

Just a Flood Protection. So if someone flood's in a channel you have operator status in it kicks them for it.

PyThOn created a Page  -  Jul 07, 2011

Right click a name on the list and press Flood Select w/e you want. Have fun! And enjoy?

Solo created a Page  -  Apr 26, 2007

A simple and effective way to kick flooders out of a channel. Not overly strict, MULTI network and channel capable. And best of all its one line of code.

napa182 created a Page  -  Aug 04, 2008

just an ez text flood protection dialog for protecting rooms from text flooders. copy paste into a new remote and either click on ur menubar or in a channel to open. then set it up with the channels you want to protect and the number of seconds and amount of lines of text to kick/ban on.. enjoy..feel free to rip butcher and strip this code how ever you want idc ok i changed it so you can add a banmask..

sKIRc created a Page  -  Jan 08, 2012

mIRC Kicking Clones Games for Server by Team SpiralKinetics. A simple mIRC code intended to kick clones. Summary of the games detailed in the code dialog.

JordanCook created a Page  -  Apr 13, 2010

This will allow users to flood 5 lines in 5 seconds before it kicks them. If they flood again it will ban them.

Slite89 created a Page  -  Mar 03, 2008

After submitting 8 lines of text within 5 seconds, a user will be silenced in the channel for two minutes, as well as given a warning to not flood.

napa182 created a Page  -  Oct 23, 2007

just a simple Character Flood Protection script for a bot. load into Ur bot's remotes and set Ur self as bot owner by typing /owner Urnick on Ur bot's side. Then set amount of Character's to Warn/Kick/Ban for by typing !setamount .

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Charlatan created a Page  -  Apr 07, 2017
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My old Protection used for MSN and Buzzen..... Take it, Rip it and use whatever you want of it.

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Kaotic_Shuffler created a Page  -  Oct 02, 2012
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Just another nick highlight script made by me :)

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Cracker200 created a Page  -  Aug 04, 2009
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this,Will basicly lock the channel when some nob. Comes in flooding lol and this is from south pole script here is the Link to the script and i have edited it a bit ^^

h3lp created a Page  -  Mar 07, 2005

This snippet is an advertiser and flooder detector which detects in Query and Channel. This snippet kick and ban the detected nick from all channel you are in and OP. To prevent kicking someone you protect, add the user in a friend list which u may add the user in channel nicklist or in query "popups". It will auto unban the user after 5 minutes, in all channel.

AnDyWong created a Page  -  Nov 24, 2008
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very simple script text line floods protection.... text,notice,action floods protection... it's will kick user when typed 4 lines text in 3second....

Aaron created a Page  -  Jan 06, 2007
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i made this script myself (im a nub) *** HUGE thanks to RusselB for adding the ban part in :)

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