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dma commented on a Page, mIRC Ascii Art  -  8 days ago

what are the commands .. or am i stupid???

performer189   -  19 days ago

is there any way to have asn autoban on peace and protection or on some other irc clients?
i still use mirc @ undernet and we have some problems with users who are conneting multiple free proxy
is there any option for a remote or something? thanks

dma commented on a Page, Turn text into ascii  -  20 days ago

how do you use it???

HenrikPedersen87 commented on a Page, Connect V 2.0  -  21 days ago

Awesome! Thanks!

Khaled.Khaled   -  May 18, 2019

Hello Everyone,
I need code to Prevent changing room settings in mirc if any one have post it .

motoman commented on a Page, mIRC Spelling & Grammar Check   -  Apr 26, 2019

Hi All can this please be updated or can we have the code to make auto correct work please ??

oldfix commented on a Page, Multi Network Anti-Idle  -  Apr 22, 2019

It does not work anymore. I have tried uploading it and everything was okay but after I ran my mIRC it stopped working and when I try to turn it ON it shows me a message where saying: its already off. How can you fix it up?

oldfix commented on a Page, IP / Nick tracker  -  Apr 20, 2019

this script prevents wrong nick tracking detection? Because I used several scripts and addon and when i am connected in several channels at the same time, i got wrong nick detection. Does your script work in order to prevent this?

oldfix commented on a Page, Spy/Relay script  -  Apr 18, 2019

How does it work? I want to know how your script works?

oldfix commented on a Page, AKA Nick Tracker  -  Apr 14, 2019

Hello I need help from somebody. I've two kind of scripts, one works with !@host and other one works with ! . My scripts work fine but in the 1st case when i am connected in 2/3 channells concurrently , I get wrong nick tracking detections, I mean some nicks which don't belong to the users which I monitor and this happens even if the person does not use bnc or vhost or proxies. In the second case, if the person changes his identd i am not able to track the nicks and if they use mibbit or androirc and much people are connected with the same domain, i can't get an accurate detection, this happens because mibbit or android IRC use a unique id for all members.
I know that the 1st case is the best solution (
!*@host ) because it works on user's host but I don't know how to prevent wrong nick detection.

If you can help me, I am ready to show you such scripts and any suggestion or tips will be really appreciated.

ovelayer commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Apr 05, 2019

provides a free api..
wondering if you could use this?

Mea commented on a Page, AKA Nick Tracker  -  Mar 15, 2019


Cheiron commented on a Page, Anti cloned nicks  -  Mar 11, 2019

Nice idea and script. Have you allowed for things like netsplits (where services go down) and folks rejoin on mass to find they all change by default to a fixed "Default1234" nick ?

ovelayer commented on a Page, Weather script for mIRC  -  Mar 06, 2019

Wunderground seems to have removed the free api's again..stopped working

xohaib   -  Mar 03, 2019

(MIRC HELP) can someone help me make a script.. like i double click any nick in chat messages and that specific nick comes in my editbox like double clicking XF will give result like 4(XF4): type here

^WeSt   -  Feb 18, 2019 -- mIRC Security Bug Informations!

Alexandru commented on a Comment, mIRC Korona Script v15.21 (Build: 299) - Available!  -  Feb 15, 2019

The Installer installs mIRC as portable version.. and this Installer doesn't write anything else outside the path where you install the script. Is not an InstallShield. Even is no Uninstall.exe! If the user wants to delete it, just delete the whole folder and that's all. Also, want to know that my Script is not made from the addons or have separate files for each script etc. The scripts is fully made by me.

speedyboy commented on a Page, Request System v3.5 (Dutch)  -  Feb 14, 2019

works fine but i have one question.
i want that the commands can be used by ~|&|@|%|+
For now it works on ~|&|@.
i changed:
if (($regex($nick(#,$nick).pnick,/(!|~|&|@)/)) || ($nick == %BotOwner)) && ($2 ison #) {
to: if (($regex($nick(#,$nick).pnick,/(!|~|&|@|%)/)) || ($nick == %BotOwner)) && ($2 ison #) {
and now it works also with %. but if i do: (!|~|&|@|%|+)/)) || it won't work.

can someone help me please.

berend commented on a Page, mIRC Korona Script v15.21 (Build: 299) - Available!  -  Feb 13, 2019

I mean, I would love to check some code, but I don't really feel like downloading an executable and installing it all on my PC, don't even have mIRC installed.

berend commented on a Page, Daffy IRC bot (mSL)  -  Feb 12, 2019

I cannot edit the post since it says that I need to add code? Anyway, you can still download the old mSL bot here if you like:

Alexandru commented on a Page, mIRC Korona Script v15.21 (Build: 299) - Available!  -  Feb 08, 2019

08.02.2019 > mIRC 7.55 (from 7.54) update for mIRC Korona v15.21:

Updated internal mIRC.exe from 7.54 to 7.55 version!
Those who have installed mIRC Korona 15.21 already with the old mIRC 7.54 version, the script will download the update itself (of course, if you accept the download). The Download link of the installer is updated with the new install that is already updated with 7.55 version!

BluMP   -  Feb 01, 2019

Hiya All

Is there a way for mIRC to search a folder (C:\mIRC\Scripts) and then say whats in that folder to a channel on IRC Like

User1 - !Scripts
Bot - Searching Scripts Folder
Bot - Found 3 Scripts
Bot - AutoOp.mrc
Bot - ChannelTopic.mrc
Bot - Protection.mrc
Bot - End Of Search

dma174 commented on a Page, !vhost Bot Script  -  Jan 23, 2019

this gives the same vhjost thatys already given what's up?

dma174 commented on a Page, vHost request system  -  Jan 23, 2019

how do i request a vhost?

newklear commented on a Comment, Multi Message System  -  Jan 17, 2019

Yes obviously there will be different triggers.
This is an mSL script for mIRC and a complete re-write in mSL.

llullu commented on a Page, $reverse  -  Jan 17, 2019

Hey idk if this thread is still up but i search for the same thing but with the /me command ...

ovelayer commented on a Page, Youtube Script (Parse Vids and Search) v6.4  -  Jan 07, 2019

could you..would you...consider doin a !google search..
most are non-working and i dont want to use a module to use a script..
your's are allways great and stand-alone!

Redlion commented on a Page, Join Counter (Nick Based)  -  Jan 05, 2019

on :START: {
hmake jcount 100
if ($isfile(jcount.dat)) hload jcount jcount.dat
.timerjcount 0 600 hsave -o jcount jcount.dat
:EXIT: hsave -o jcount jcount.dat
on @!:JOIN:#: {
if ( $hget(jcount,$+($network,.,$chan,.,$nick)) ) {
tokenize 32 $v1
var %t = $calc($1 + 1)
.notice $nick Welcome back 12 $+ $nick $+ ! Last time you joined 12 $+ $chan $+ was on 12 $+ $2 $+ , $3 - $4 $+ , $duration($calc($ctime - $5)) ago $+ . You have joined us here 12 $+ %t $+ times.
hadd -m jcount $+($network,.,$chan,.,$nick) %t $asctime($ctime,ddd dd/mm/yyyy HH:nn:ss) $ctime
else {
hinc -m jcount $+($network,.,$chan,.,total.count)
.notice $nick Welcome 12 $+ $nick $+ ! You're visitor No. 12 $+ $hget(jcount,$+($network,.,$chan,.,total.count)) $+ to join 12 $+ $chan $+ since 12 $+ $hget(jcount, $+($network,.,$chan)) $+ .
hadd -m jcount $+($network,.,$chan,.,$nick) 1 $asctime($ctime,ddd dd/mm/yyyy HH:nn:ss) $ctime
:JOIN:#: {
if ($nick == $me) {
if ($hget(jcount,$+($network,.,$chan))) { halt }
else {
hadd -m jcount $+($network,.,$chan) $asctime($ctime,ddd $+ $chr(44) dd mmm yyyy - HH:nn:ss)
;hadd -m jcount $+($network,.,$chan) $ctime

DragonRyder commented on a Page, Raw help  -  Dec 30, 2018 is no longer active, your script no longer works.

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