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VectorOne commented on a Page, Youtube Script (Parse Vids and Search) v6.5  -  Aug 10, 2023

YTsearch doesn't work all the time. :
Just tried "ytsearch jake paul", got no response. Tried "ytsearch the cars", worked fine. Seems to be intermittent. :(
Can you check that please?

Wish list: scrap the BE and use only

On another note, if you don't want people using your API, don't include it in the code.. LOL

juanjito commented on a Page, Money System for Chatters  -  Jun 23, 2023

Hello, I know that this post is several years old, but I have found the error that when you write less than 65 characters, money/coins are subtracted instead of added, if someone could verify this apart from me, I would appreciate it

alishakihn commented on a Page, Custom Command Adding and Deleting Script  -  Jun 01, 2023

Please contact the support team, they will be able to help you with the problem

MissSunny commented on a Page, link checker  -  Mar 03, 2023

can you please update that also https:// addresses are displayed.

Ozy commented on a Page, znc+mirc=♡ - multiple znc connections on startup  -  Mar 03, 2023

how about using socket at znc ?

Skafandri commented on a Page, Google Search  -  Jan 03, 2023

2022 - Works like a charm! (v7.72)
Best 1 :)

bertolaz commented on a Page, Wikipedia Script (Snippet Search) v1.0  -  Dec 01, 2022


makkenai   -  Nov 21, 2022

Hello , i have used mirc for years and ive done some scripting myself but its been years and now i have lost my eye sight so i am using the speech option in mirc , its great but i get a lot of server messages that are becoming repetitive and annoyng to listen to so i am looking for a snippet or the command to turn Speech On or Off on server message so the messages are being ignored by the speech option.

Woatee commented on a Page, !BroCode bot script  -  Nov 09, 2022


water_dragon   -  Sep 26, 2022

hi im looking for a mirc script that mite even be around,
what i want it to do is when someone pm's me i want it to direct the messages from myself and the other person to another #channel

WiseWolf commented on a Page, Mass invite channel menu  -  Sep 10, 2022

I got this error --> * Invalid format: $addtok

Shadowless commented on a mIRC Script, All Protection  -  Aug 25, 2022

Invalid format: $iif (line 1573, allprotection.mrc)

Freez0ne commented on a Page, Chatspace ProxyScanner  -  Jul 25, 2022

I think it doesn't work anymore I tried to run it but it didn't work

quotesoverflow commented on a Page, Identified Nick Autovoice  -  Jul 19, 2022

I'll try this.

wikiwalls commented on a Page, Need Help with Code MIRC  -  Jul 19, 2022

I can't understand this.

MMX commented on a Page, Need Help with Code MIRC  -  Jun 23, 2022

Try this one:
Syntax: $rbkx(text or %variable here)
Example: $rbkx([1] ]2[ ]3[)

 alias rbkx { return $regsubex($1-,/(\[[^\s].*?\])/ig,$null) } 
rorshah commented on a Page, Need Help with Code MIRC  -  Jun 12, 2022

alias rbkx {
if ($3 == $null) { return $1- }
set %temp $3-
set %l 1
set %r 1
if ($1 isin %temp) && ($2 isin %temp) {
while ($pos(%temp,$1,%l) > $pos(%temp,$2,%r)) {
inc %r
set %temp $left(%temp,$calc($pos(%temp,$1,%l)-1)) $+ $right(%temp, $calc($len(%temp) - $pos(%temp,$2,%r)))
return %temp

Something like that?

Freez0ne commented on a Page, mIRC WHOIS Information in @whois Window   -  Jun 03, 2022

Thanks for the code, but every time someone enters the channel, it automatically receives whois and I'm stuck in the lag. My mIRC Script freezes. I think it would be more useful if whois took action on the users we pulled, instead of having it applied to every user who enters the channel.

AndyAbnormal commented on a Page, Word Shortcut  -  May 21, 2022

Thx, exactly what i was looking for :D

legging-world commented on a Page, Gline List Dialog  -  May 12, 2022

Thanks guys!

pinkpolaris commented on a Page, Simple YouTube Title Announcer v0.2  -  Apr 08, 2022

I'm using this in my channel and it's working great. I am also able to customize the colors, the way I like. Good snip!

DashRipr0ck commented on a Page, Titlebar System  -  Apr 07, 2022

/if: insufficient parameters (line 78, TitlebarSystem.mrc)

simo commented on a Comment, Prevent joining $nick/$address  -  Mar 30, 2022

er zijn betere methodes dan mirc scripts maar hangt af van het netwerk waar je dit gebruikt

luciajasmine commented on a Page, JOIN COUNTER 1.2  -  Mar 04, 2022



water_dragon   -  Feb 14, 2022

hi you should put in a nicklist command as i did my self
mirc editor > popups > view > nicklist

Greet commands
.add nick:/addgreet $$1 $?"Greet message"
.Delete nick:/delgreet $$1
.List all Greets:/Greets

water_dragon commented on a Page, PoKeMon-Rpg v1  -  Dec 16, 2021

i like the script, i just think instead of - `register , use !register instead, i add that in my self soon enough

mariahcarey commented on a Page, Personal On join greet v1.1  -  Dec 15, 2021

Thanks a ton! for the response works like a charm. i figured out the first bit on my own while tinkering around but couldn't get the second part, this cleared it up quite well. thank you :)

simo commented on a Page, Putmode  -  Nov 30, 2021

I wonder if this could be done for kicks as well as some ircds allow stacked kicking
To have a bunch of:

/kick #channel nick reason
/kick #channel nick reason
/kick #channel nick reason
/kick #channel nick reason

Be compressed to a:

/kick #channel nick,nick,nick,nick reason

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