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Freez0ne commented on a Page, Chatspace ProxyScanner  -  22 days ago

I think it doesn't work anymore I tried to run it but it didn't work

quotesoverflow commented on a Page, Identified Nick Autovoice  -  28 days ago

I'll try this.

wikiwalls commented on a Page, Need Help with Code MIRC  -  28 days ago

I can't understand this.

MMX commented on a Page, Need Help with Code MIRC  -  Jun 23, 2022

Try this one:
Syntax: $rbkx(text or %variable here)
Example: $rbkx([1] ]2[ ]3[)

 alias rbkx { return $regsubex($1-,/(\[[^\s].*?\])/ig,$null) } 
rorshah commented on a Page, Need Help with Code MIRC  -  Jun 12, 2022

alias rbkx {
if ($3 == $null) { return $1- }
set %temp $3-
set %l 1
set %r 1
if ($1 isin %temp) && ($2 isin %temp) {
while ($pos(%temp,$1,%l) > $pos(%temp,$2,%r)) {
inc %r
set %temp $left(%temp,$calc($pos(%temp,$1,%l)-1)) $+ $right(%temp, $calc($len(%temp) - $pos(%temp,$2,%r)))
return %temp

Something like that?

Freez0ne commented on a Page, mIRC WHOIS Information in @whois Window   -  Jun 03, 2022

Thanks for the code, but every time someone enters the channel, it automatically receives whois and I'm stuck in the lag. My mIRC Script freezes. I think it would be more useful if whois took action on the users we pulled, instead of having it applied to every user who enters the channel.

AndyAbnormal commented on a Page, Word Shortcut  -  May 21, 2022

Thx, exactly what i was looking for :D

legging-world commented on a Page, Gline List Dialog  -  May 12, 2022

Thanks guys!

pinkpolaris commented on a Page, Simple YouTube Title Announcer v0.1  -  Apr 08, 2022

I'm using this in my channel and it's working great. I am also able to customize the colors, the way I like. Good snip!

DashRipr0ck commented on a Page, Titlebar System  -  Apr 07, 2022

/if: insufficient parameters (line 78, TitlebarSystem.mrc)

simo commented on a Comment, Prevent joining $nick/$address  -  Mar 30, 2022

er zijn betere methodes dan mirc scripts maar hangt af van het netwerk waar je dit gebruikt

luciajasmine commented on a Page, JOIN COUNTER 1.2  -  Mar 04, 2022



water_dragon   -  Feb 14, 2022

hi you should put in a nicklist command as i did my self
mirc editor > popups > view > nicklist

Greet commands
.add nick:/addgreet $$1 $?"Greet message"
.Delete nick:/delgreet $$1
.List all Greets:/Greets

water_dragon commented on a Page, PoKeMon-Rpg v1  -  Dec 16, 2021

i like the script, i just think instead of - `register , use !register instead, i add that in my self soon enough

mariahcarey commented on a Page, Personal On join greet v1.1  -  Dec 15, 2021

Thanks a ton! for the response works like a charm. i figured out the first bit on my own while tinkering around but couldn't get the second part, this cleared it up quite well. thank you :)

simo commented on a Page, Putmode  -  Nov 30, 2021

I wonder if this could be done for kicks as well as some ircds allow stacked kicking
To have a bunch of:

/kick #channel nick reason
/kick #channel nick reason
/kick #channel nick reason
/kick #channel nick reason

Be compressed to a:

/kick #channel nick,nick,nick,nick reason

simo commented on a Page, Personal on join greet  -  Nov 23, 2021

on ME:*:JOIN:#test:{ .timer $+ ChanGreeter. $+ $chan 1 3 msg $unsafe($chan) $iif($asctime(H) < 06, good night,$iif($asctime(H) < 12, good morning,$iif($asctime(H) < 18,good afternoon,good evening))) }

best3drenderingstudio commented on a Page, Server Notice Window (Ircop)  -  Sep 13, 2021


mrpaul commented on a Page, HTML Parser  -  Sep 07, 2021

very helpful thanks

linly commented on a Page, Server Notice Window (Ircop)  -  Sep 06, 2021


neiljones commented on a Page, Anti-Mass-Join  -  Aug 28, 2021

Hello Simo bro I need you to get back to me its urgent

mansor commented on a Page, Aliases to handle note_file  -  Aug 22, 2021


geotopvn commented on a Page, Server Notice Window (Ircop)  -  Aug 13, 2021


James99 commented on a Page, Secured Connect  -  Jul 05, 2021

very useful thanks

meow81 commented on a Page, Tab Nick Completer  -  May 18, 2021

Hi, It doesn't work as intended in the new version of mirc 7.65 , can you check ? I guess it needs a little modify ,
In a channel where there are more nicks with the first letter of a nick, if you try to turn all nicks available with tab key, it writes the following nick (in the nick list) thereafter instead of propose the others nick to choose and then it applies the Style and writes a following nick if you continue to press Tab. Please fix.

Imk0tter commented on a Page, $replaceTok(string,substr,n,token)  -  May 09, 2021

$replacetok(%string,sub1, n1, token1, sub2, n2, token2, ...)

alias replacetok {
  var %string $1
  var %count 2

  while %count < $0 {

    var %replaceText [ $ $+ [ %count ] ]
    inc %count

    var %max $pos(%string,%replaceText, 0)

    var %token $parseRange([ $ $+ [ %count ] ], %max)
    inc %count

    var %startTok $token(%token,1,32)
    var %endTok $token(%token,2,32) + 1

    var %text [ $ $+ [ %count ] ]
    inc %count

    var %tokensReplaced 0

    while %startTok < %endTok {
      var %pos $pos(%string,%replaceText,$calc(%startTok - %tokensReplaced))
      var %string $+($left(%string,$calc(%pos - 1)),%text,$right(%string,- $+ $calc(%pos + $len(%replaceText) - 1)))

      inc %startTok
      inc %tokensReplaced
  return %string

alias -l parserange {
  var %input $1
  var %maxRange $2

  var %startNumber
  var %endNumber

  ;if the first character is a -, the first parameter is a negative number; proceed to second - or end of the string
  var %flag $iif($left(%input,1) == -,$true,$false)

  var %b $token(%input,1,45)

  var %input $iif(%flag,$right(%input,-1),%input)
  var %a $pos(%input,-,1)

  if %a == $len(%input) {
    ;second - as at end of string (range encountered) no second integer
    %startNumber = $iif(%flag,$calc(%maxRange - %b + 1),%b)
    %endNumber = %maxRange
  else if !%a {
    ;no - after the first token; no range
    %startNumber = $iif(%flag,$calc(%maxRange - %b + 1),%b)
    %endNumber = %startNumber
  else {
    ;range encountered; second number present
    var %startNumber $iif(%flag,$calc(%maxRange - %b + 1),%b)

    ;proceed to first - or end of string, and if there is a positive or negative integer

    var %a $iif($Pos(%input,-,1),$v1,0)
    var %b $iif($pos(%input,-,2),$v1,0)

    if %b > 0 && $calc(%b - %a) == 1 {
      ;second integer is negative,

      var %endNumber $calc(%maxRange - $token(%input,2,45) + 1)
    else if %b == 0 {
      ;second integer is positive
      var %endnumber $token(%input,2,45)
    else {
      ;unknown condition
      var %endnumber $token(%input,2,45)
  return %startNumber %endNumber
Charmer commented on a Page, Pandora Bot  -  Mar 30, 2021

Pandora bot not work or responds any more ..why ?

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