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Oct 06, 2011
Some times when we play with script's we can lose one, who allows us to use /whois , /ban or /kick command by one click of the mouse. If u dont know how to get it..
Aug 01, 2011
My script is a addition for "Food script" users Link : U can change/add smth if u need/want it :) For channel admin..
Jul 11, 2011
Use !ajoin add for add channel to ur bot ajoin list , use !ajoin del for delete channel. Works only if bot owner will type it.
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Jul 11, 2011
If some cmds of ur bot will stop to work , other users can send a !botreport to send u a report msg. Like : !botreport !slap cmd dont works ! Ty for send report..
8 comment(s)  ·   ·  mIRC Script
Jul 06, 2011
Normal !countdown irc script.

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