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I loaded the bot file into my remotes, it went smooth. Although I had to use another file as the main one contained a space, which mirc doesn't allow. I got a popup asking for the private information, which could bring up some errors if you didn't input anything into the boxes, ex:
* /writeini: insufficient parameters (line 19, script1.mrc)
Other then that, it went fine.
Afterwards it opens up the main dialog on your desktop, minimized (Which I didnt notice), so I typed /sbot like the echo asked me to, and it returned
* /dialog: 'sbot' name in use (line 38, script1.mrc)
Which can easily be fixed :).
When It asked me to input a nickname, I typed my main nickname in, and yet it used $me, * Added DaIRC58779 to user list. <- Is that a error?
Since that part wasn't really working, it kind of shut the whole script of from functioning properly.
I coudnt get anything more done after that.
I tried manually adding myself by /auser, edited the ini file:
But it still gave me:
09:39:28 -DaIRC58779- Permission Denied.
I coudn't get the bot working 100%, but I took a look at the coding etc, and It looks like a bot which would be useful! Try sorting these issues out (Or maybe its just me (???)), and I'll be happy to re-review your bot.
Keep the good work up :)
0 comment(s)    Posted Aug 11, 2007 by Lindrian


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