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Feb 17, 2009
A Multi-Server Seen system that has seen notification. Compatible with mIRC v6.16 - 6.31.
 4.0 stars  ·  13 comment(s)  ·   ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 21%   
Feb 17, 2009
This is a chess game on mIRC client. You can create game and challenge another nick to join, or you can join the game created by another player. So enjoy this very..
Feb 16, 2009
About the game: Simply put, to win the game be the last team standing. There are three teams: Civilian Team (civilians, doctor, homeless bum, and detective), Mafia..
5 comment(s)  ·   ·  mIRC Script
Jan 10, 2009
patxbot is like a "irc puppet" you can make him do anything you want by either pming him or telling him what to do in the channel. he also has a !learn command...
Jan 10, 2009
This is great for robots. It allows users to do more with the bot. It can do some op commands, such as ban, unban, +m, -m, +i, -i, and can msg you and users, change..
Jan 08, 2009
After 6 years of taking a break, Polaris SE v4.x is out. V4.1 features: Chan/personal flood/self-ban protection, ban enforcer, shitlist/autogreet/auto user list..
Dec 28, 2008
port scanner with port names put ports..txt in your mircdir then load portscanner.mrc
Nov 24, 2008
n3rd v1 is an mIRC bot intended to work with IRC services to manage a channel. It can run on network's without IRC services though. It has commands such as extensive..
Nov 16, 2008
This is my new Image Uploader/Downloader. You can upload multiple images at a time to ImageShack and get the direct link. Your uploaded images are saved and can..
Oct 25, 2008
iTunes Manager v2.02
Oct 22, 2008
This MP3 Player offers what no other MP3 Player does! More impressive features include a Color Changer, Broadcasting, extensive help files and much much more! Download..
 4.0 stars  ·  5 comment(s)  ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 21%   
Oct 22, 2008
This is the newest version of my iTunes player. Similar to the last version but adding almost full control to customizing its GUI. Keep in mind this is an iTunes..
 4.5 stars  ·  2 comment(s)  ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 26%   
Oct 13, 2008
Full featured script which gravitates toward chanOps & advanced users in multi-server (as of type) environment. Optimized for Unreal/Anope combination, however easilly..
Oct 10, 2008
This addon can replace smileys in mIRC windows with corresponding images (a-la trillian), perform regexp highlighting (should work for case-insensitive highlighting..
Oct 06, 2008
Hello, someone made a radio bot, (kinda crappy and non modifiable) and i was given the green light to rewrite it. so the base script was from but..
Sep 06, 2008
Okay here it is. I haven't added the shop as i had to relieve my computer of alot of stuff so lost what i had so far but i HAVE got the NPC Attacks here. Each and..
Aug 14, 2008
Using fmod.dll a sound system on Windows, Linux and Windows CE, PS2 and XBox, retrieved from I made this so I could preload sounds and play without..
Aug 04, 2008
Grammar Fixar, although not perfect, but meant for quickly correcting. Mocking the Window's Word spell check, I attempt a "Grammar Fixar" in mIRC, only to make n00bs..
 3.0 stars  ·  4 comment(s)  ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 21%   
Jul 30, 2008
Very simple Alarm for your script[s]
 2.0 stars  ·  1 comment(s)  ·  mIRC Script  ·  Popularity: 14%   
Jul 26, 2008
So this is a torrent searcher. It searches for torrents on Read the readme.txt for help on using/loading it. Here's a screen: Note:..

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