Charmer Script by Well

By Jedo
Published  Jan 27, 2014
Updated  Jan 27, 2014
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All thanks and appreciation to all that contributed to me and gave me a service in the completion of this mIRC Script
Of tests and tips large or small ... Thank you for your support my brothers and my dedication
thanks for my brothers for supported me and helped in tests,
@IrcTiger - @Hex-root - @bonga - @BuDha - @VeNoMouS

All love and respect from me to you
Well Charmer´╗┐

choose link to download your copy:

direct download file


official channel site

-the go to #we script area


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Jedo   -  Jan 28, 2014

Use this link to link to this download.

MaSOuD  -  Jan 29, 2014

Why did you post a mIRC crack here? You know it's illegal, right?

onezero  -  Aug 10, 2014

hello sir... how to remove the set mode limit.... i want to act like a normal chatter... not a bot... pm me in undernet or in dalnet.. compTECH

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