Well Script

By Jedo
Published  Nov 08, 2013
Updated  Nov 24, 2013
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All around script. Scripted for: Unreal IRCD - DALnet - Quakenet - Undernet Help included for this networks... Report any bug : find me in DALnet channel #We /n Well or Wont : msg me sword_pal@msn.com

Of the nicest and most powerful scripts IRC. Flood strong blocker,for protection Channel & Ops and protection of all individuals
for download join my channel Official site http://e-wont.wix.com/e-we or download it from here : http://e-wont.wix.com/e-we#!shop/ct2u


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leonlee   -  Dec 21, 2013

why the font size is 1 in script editor?
when i change to font to 8 or 9, after then its pop out and say,

"Are you sure you want to exit mirc?
MIRC is connected to a server."

everytime i set font size, theres pop out always same.

TheWhistler   -  Nov 18, 2013

good script , its so good we dont see it to download to use

Jedo  -  Nov 24, 2013

u free to get ur copy from here http://e-wont.wix.com/e-we

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KilllerX   -  Nov 08, 2013

Where is the script?

Jedo  -  Nov 24, 2013

u free to get ur free copy from here http://e-wont.wix.com/e-we
man here is the link to download ,,,http://www.mediafire.com/download/gylhdea6i7awtn8/Charmer+Script.zip

KilllerX  -  Nov 24, 2013

except for the fact that there is no 'download link' or any code at all on that page... #RemoveOrPostCode

KilllerX  -  Nov 25, 2013

... really. This is what it is.

Forcing us to listen to a song on start up: -10
Connecting us to YOUR server immediately: -6
Giving us a horrid color scheme: -9
Lag bar: 1 (could grab from else where)
Charmer Scripts Mocking (ADVERTIZING): -9
Not Allowing us to Leave your Channel: -10

Nothing in this even remotely makes we want to invest any time in it.
Over all; This is just advertizing for your IRC Channel. Thanks for the annoyance.

Jedo  -  Nov 26, 2013

@Well Script
On the contrary I am not accept comments with an open mind. But I am not obliged to do for others without charge., And the script for the channel originally .. Enough that he is one of the best and most powerful systems in repelling the flood and jealousy. Enough that you tried it yourself and that means you reject the idea of ​​a proprietary script to me and to my channel and this is something that I am meant to work. So tired I've written this script .. Happy chance .. And the remaining life march forward

KilllerX  -  Nov 26, 2013

My brain hurts, trying to read that. Yes it is for that channel, NOT others. one of the best? Most powerful? There are tons of Flood scripts. I have no idea about the jealousy. Yes, I tried it just to see what it was. I reject the idea of not being able to leave a channel, I reject the idea of being forced to listen to a song on start up. I reject the idea of a background and color scheme that irritates my eyes. Well, whatever; It is up to ones own decision if they try this and actually like it. But in your case it seems like this 'script' is for people who visit your channel regularly, and for you. Not for the general public. Have a good day to you sir.

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