God-Irc evo.7 and evo.6.2 Revamped

Published  May 20, 2013
Updated  Jun 05, 2014
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God-Irc evo.6.2 and a revamped version of God-IRC evo.7 is released. In God-IRC evo.6.2 Added a custom nicklist and fixed some issues... By popular demand i decided to make the last update...

Visit:- www.godirc.weebly.com


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iMPERiOR   -  Aug 14, 2013

how can i get a gaming bot?

ovelayer   -  May 25, 2013

do you have a features list for this? is it like invision/excursion ect..

Il-Kane  -  Nov 03, 2013

Yes feature list there is in the script itself in the help file.... Invision? no it`s totally different sorry!

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Il-Kane   -  May 20, 2013

Website to be updated abit soon.

TochA1551  -  May 20, 2013

Its based on mIRC right ? Don't need to serach for crack/trainer/patch etc for mIRC ?

Il-Kane  -  May 20, 2013

no you dont really need to crack mirc. Just press continue after the evaulation period flashes for around 5 seconds

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