mIRC VxD Script Necronomicon 8

Published  Apr 08, 2013
Updated  Aug 01, 2016
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mIRC VxD script NҾ₢⃝№щΐ₵ᴑᴎ ❽
☠ Rev.46

is a mIRC script that allows you to manage the graphics of the mIRC client in many aspects.
Can change the look and feel of mIRC has never been so easy 100% customizable

This Script is evolving to enable any combination of style, color and aspects of graphic display effect to your dialog window with DCX.dll and other notes Dlls combined with each other. Is possible to update the script with update system for all versions or addons that will be introduced later.

Latest version Ver 8.46

The minimum requirements for the installation are;

● full script updated download to http://vxd.altervista.org/vxd/necronomicon-8.html



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Il-Kane   -  Feb 20, 2016

I LOVE THIS SCRIPT... Its addictive .... AMAZING job Valentino ;)

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Feb 20, 2016

Thanks, when I have time to devote to scripting, will complete the new version.
I'm sure that will satisfy our expectations. A new way to communicate directly from your desktop PC, overlapping to any apps running, little nagging, always on top, with mIRC script :)

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ovelayer   -  Apr 07, 2015

i was tryin to use your addon for scripts for the nicklist..
so i could edit and change my current nicklist colors icons ect..
it worked beautiful and really made my script look good
but for some reason it causes my script to msg channels
"(11:01 am) ~Ovelayer 1"
"(11:01 am) ~Ovelayer 0"
and it keeps happening
i unloaded your addon and it stopped
reloaded it and it happens again over and over
i am using mirc.v7.41
my os is win 8.1
any idea what could be causing this?

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Apr 07, 2015

I also have similar errors, I think it is due to nicklust.dll that interfaces with windows user32.dll. The dll and probably to update...
For the moment I do not know how to fix it because this error occurs randomly and not a particular condition. If it is due to my code I'll find out when the new mIRC addon GUI 10. At the moment I'm completing the treebar lol

ovelayer  -  Apr 07, 2015

ah okay...to bad cause i luv the addon

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Apr 07, 2015

This alias should be the cause, see what can I do :)

alias nlust_callback {
if ($1 = tooltip) {
var %extra
if ($3 == $me) %extra
nicklust SetTipTitle $2 1 > Whois Di $3 %extra
return Status: $nlist_pnick($remove($nick($2,$3).pnick,$3)) $+ $crlf $+ Idle: $duration($nick($2,$nick($2,$3)).idle) $+ $crlf $+ Notify List: $iif($notify($3),Yes,No) $+ $crlf $+ Host: $gettok($address($3,-1),2,64),$ifmatch,Unknow) $+ $crlf $+ Ident: $gettok($gettok($address($3,-1),2,33),1,64) $+ $crlf $+ Country: $remove($nazione2($address($3,-1)),Origin) $+ $crlf $+ Channels: $_comchans($3,32))

ovelayer  -  Apr 07, 2015

nice would be nice if you found the error also can't wait for the updated gui!! make my script beautiful

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Il-Kane   -  Jan 14, 2015

This script is AMAZING! Necronomicon is scripting revolution! Amazing Job VxD :) always looking forward for your updates and new ideas! Keep it up

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Jan 14, 2015

Wanting lighter approaching the graphical Windows 10? lol 9 ... win 95
Thanks, I appreciate welcomes the judgment of a true expert mIRC Script :)

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ovelayer   -  Mar 14, 2014

just grabbed the latest copy
have to say one of the best scripts i have used..
i am really looking forwared to more updates!

ovelayer  -  Mar 14, 2014

i have so far noticed that tinymp3 crashes
and 2 errors with the whois script
[Connected by 2306wks 2days 3hrs 26mins 27secs
[Country] Sconosciuta
it allways says Sconosciuta for the country and connected by allways shows 2306wks 2days 3hrs 26mins 27secs

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Mar 15, 2014

Thank you for having exposed the problem,
yes, of course, there are some bugs to work out.

In parallel with the new script Tables will make a new version of the Necronomicon, which includes improvements and some function more... news, enable and disable the text colors, many images will be removed to lighten the size of the script of many Mb, fix update system, mass message to all network, anim acro, other...

when a user uses a secure connection to the country of origin can not be detected, result unknown (Sconosciuta)
...i have to correct some words untranslated

you can use this patch http://vxd.altervista.org/vxd/files/patch8.8.D2.rar

To install copy the folder VxD replacing the original folder of the script

ovelayer  -  Mar 15, 2014

awsome work ty.
in comming updates are you going to be adding a oper control? meaning .. kill/gline/server controls ect in a channel/nick right click?

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Mar 15, 2014

work now lol

raw 311:: {
%whois.address =
!* $+ $3 $+ @ $+ $4
echo -a 12whois going on $2 ...
echo -a 12[8Nickname12] $2
echo -a 12[8Real Name12] $6-
echo -a 12[8Nick that had12] $2
echo -a 12[8Andress12] %whois.address
echo -a 12[8Notify List12] $iif($notify($3),Yes,No)
echo -a 12[8Nick Used12] $mid($replace($hget(NickNames,$v1),$chr(126),$chr(44)),2,-1)
echo -a 12[8Country12] $remove($nazione2($address($2,-1)),origin))

the error $nazione2($address($3,-1) -> $3 is $2

redownload this http://vxd.altervista.org/vxd/files/patch8.8.D2.rar

wanting to oper controls can be introduced, but ... you can load specific addons
according to your needs ... I'll try to include them ;)

ovelayer  -  Mar 15, 2014

yes ty [Country] is working now =)
i did also notice when i change the background color of the server/channel tree it isn't permenant
i have to change it everytime i start the script...not sure this is an issue with the script or myself
all the other background colors seems to work permanantly though
ty for the quick patch =)

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Mar 15, 2014

actually i have to do a manual of use ^^

There are two ways to address the Treebar.

Solution 1 "Treebar original mIRC" only use the mIRC Options
to change the characteristics of the Treebar.
NOTE - the Treebar customizable DCX must be disabled in the graphic panel.

Solution 2 "DCX Treebar" the characteristics of DCX xTreebar are handled exclusively by the graph in the panel section
Treebar .
Button Enable/Disable if enabled shows the Disable button, conversely if the DCX Treebar is disabled will show the Enable button option.

hope it is of help

ovelayer  -  Mar 15, 2014

i used solution 2 to set the background color of the treebar..
but when i restart the mirc i have to open mirc options/color then it automatically changes to the color i have set...other wise it says as the original color..
its not a big issue with me i can live with it =)

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Mar 15, 2014

You could try a solution of the type Treebar disable, restart the script and rehabilitate the DCX Xtreebar. Set BG color.

If I understand you correctly when you open the color management mIRC shows the defect.
This problem is new to me. It should not happen, would need more information such as what operating system are you using?

ovelayer  -  Mar 15, 2014

System Info: CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3317U CPU @ 1.70GHz Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9 1% Load OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1 6.3.9600 64-bit Uptime: 21hrs 48mins 16secs Total Memory: 6028.21MB Available Memory: 3835.07MB Video: Intel Corporation Intel(R) HD Graphics Family -1.94MB 1366x768 32bit 59Hz MOBO: TOSHIBA Base Board Audio: Intel(R) Display Audio
System Info: Network: Qualcomm Atheros AR8162_8166_8168 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller [NDIS 6.30]/Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC Bandwidth: 720KBps Received: 10.4GB Sent: 301.96MB Total: 10.69GB ID: TI10653400C C:\ Type: fixed Size: 585GB Free: 490GB Total Disk Space: 585GB Total Space Free: 490GB

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Mar 15, 2014

What is this moo.dll? lol... excellent pc

regardless of the type of operating system the problem occurs. It's true...
I have just noticed a bug.

see if it is sufficient to command /color treebar %treebarbg , but I doubt it ;)

ovelayer  -  Mar 15, 2014

its not a moo.dll its fordlawnmower's stats script
and /color treebar %treebarbg changed the tee to all white

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Mar 15, 2014

The problem lies in the 16 colors of mirc. In essence mirc takes as value rgb code of 16 colors table.
I solved it by replacing the color table 0 with the color rgb %treebarbg -> //color 0 %treebarbg

download this http://vxd.altervista.org/vxd/files/patch8.8.D2.rar

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Mar 15, 2014

your stats return results very detailed
could you give me the direct link to the Ford stat ?
I do not find in the search engine :|

ovelayer  -  Mar 15, 2014
VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Mar 15, 2014

tnx ;)

El3M3NT  -  Oct 13, 2014

This was made in 2013?

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Oct 17, 2014

The latest version of this year.
I'm working on a new script compatible with windows 9 ;)

SpotsBox  -  Aug 01, 2015

script works out well what is the official site for the script?

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