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By zenx
Published  Jan 09, 2013
Updated  Jan 09, 2013
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a quite simple chat that saves all messages into mysql (see mysql.sql in zip), it remembers users nicks and allows users to change them too, auto updates messagebox, shows online & offline users, requires javascript (jquery, libraries included in zip), mysql, php, need to make it more secure and maybe in next version connect it to a irc server

Demo: http://nx.cf.gs/chat/



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Jan 09, 2013


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ProIcons   -  Jan 09, 2013

Though its buggy tested it out on the demo link

ProIcons   -  Jan 09, 2013

As far i analyzed its not a relay chat. Every message is stored into MySQL Database. So when you connect to the room you can see all messages has been sent to the room, My guess or you can see whatever is posted after your join... Its basically simple and neat. Haven't tested but from the code even its messy seems fine.

Hawkee   -  Jan 09, 2013

Would be great to see a demo.

zenx  -  Jan 09, 2013
zenx  -  Jan 09, 2013

That reminds me that i need to check for dupenicks, make sure nobody uses nick used for notices and so on :)

Hawkee  -  Jan 09, 2013

It would be better to host the demo in a more permanent place.

zenx  -  Jan 09, 2013

dont worry about it going away, it's on dedicated server :)

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Sorasyn   -  Jan 09, 2013

Can you tell us a little bit about it? What's it connect to? How does it work? etc..
Having such a bland description isn't going to inspire many to check it out if we don't know what it can do.

zenx  -  Jan 09, 2013

Updated description a bit, i'll write more about this later on today

Sorasyn  -  Jan 09, 2013

Nice. :) So it's an IRC type chat through MySQL.

zenx  -  Jan 09, 2013

yeah, thought i'd give a shot at chat project and this is what i've come up with, still a lot to do (security etc) but it's a good start i think

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