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By nox`
Published  Nov 05, 2012
Updated  Jul 25, 2013
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With the Youtube Manager you can simply click on a Youtube link to copy it to your clipboard, or double-click to view it within your irc client, all while continuing on your conversations.


By opening the configuration dialog (using /yc) you will be brought to the settings panel. Here you can choose your default language as well as other options.

Words that are missing from the translation file "trad.ini" (such as some German words) will be in English.

A second "Translation" panel aims to start phrases within the script with your language.

When you click on the star next to the save button, a small window will appear where you can copy and paste text to be translated, if the phrase is found in the translation database.

Please share your opinions/comments of my script at the site you downloaded it, but do not post translations in the comments (so comments stay short). Use the pastebin site to share translations.

I made the translation part of the script hoping people will use it. Knowing that most of the text to be translated will be short, I ask your help to finalize this section.

To enlarge the Youtube video simply click and drag the bottom right side of the dialog. You can save the window size by using the "size menu" > "save"

Before this question gets asked, I will answer it. "Why does the title of the video show up as a echo?" The answer is simple. I could have used sockets to browse the page and take x information, but the echo was more useful just to show the title.

Here's the new page in the configuration dialog. It not only allows you to search, but also offers you the possibility to view the information, and the introduction picture, of the video which title you clicked (If the dialog isn't opened, click on the "See picture" button).
If you click the blue link with the picture's code, the link will be copied directly to your clipboard, and you can paste it wherever you wish.
To play a video that interests you, just click the "Play" button.

One last thing that i didn't mention within the script itself: If you enable history (Option 4 in the Settings), you can remove a link directly from the history dialog by simply right clicking it.

Instructions V2
New features in V2 are mainly search functions.
You now have 3 alternative ways to search :
1) You have a /ytsearch alias which will open a window to display the results of your search. You just have to click the link that is interesting to you.
2) You can now search using the video dialogs, and open videos by selecting the line that is interesting to you.
3) You can now, via the manage dialog (/yc), go to the Search page and perform searches. With this method, you can see the videos' pictures.

3 new options appear :
1) The clipboard function allows you to copy links that you click. This option wasn't included in V1 if you had the link directly copied.
2) The focus function prevents you from having to reclick your mIRC windows to continue to chat.
3) The info function opens a small window to the right of the manage dialog (/yc) and shows you information and youtube pictures before you view videos.
In this version, if someone changes the topic of a chan you are in and adds youtube link(s) to it, you will see the title(s). You will also see them when joining a chan with youtube links in its topic.

Instructions V2.6: 18/03/2013
1) Change the dcx.dll version to 2.0.1114 Release Build
2) Fixed the bug with the research
3) Implementation of ghosting when moving a video window
4) Setting up an alias to reset the configuration
5) Change the source code for the youtube title display
6) View multiple titles on a single line

Instructions V3: 14/04/2013
1) Added the German translation of Merlin
2) Added the title of the watched video
3)Added the ability to minimize / maximize the configuration dialog
4) Using the mobile youtube api for retrieving titles

Instructions V3.7: 24/05/2013
1) Modification of the flags for the activation of redimensioning buttons wich allows to display the video in full screen.
2) Change the regex of detection of the youtube links to capture 5 more and solve a bug in the old regex.
3) Modification of the code so that the change of size applies directly to the video currently playing to not have white bands to the sides after redimensioning.
4) Removal of the search bar in the videos dialogs after a small vote with the testers & myself.
5) If there is request I will give it but its code was buggy in any case from the beginning.
6) Addition of the translation in Portuguese of Extreminador & Ruan which I thank largely.
7) Addition of the warning signal if the video cannot be seen on mIRC what will result to directly open the page in your browser.
8) All the videos do not inform blocking but generally that will function.
9) Opening of the video in the browser if the URL contains a time or that it cannot be visualized in the remote.

Instructions V4.3: 25/07/2013
1) You can now chose which window will be displayed in the dialog with the /yc command: /yc [1-3]
2) If the url contains a time parameter, it is now considered when opening the dialog
3) Added the selected title in the dialog's titlebar in order to see it entirely (not chopped)
4) Changed the regex to match more youtube links
5) Removed the "Youtube" string from the title, not that pretty.
6) Added a research system via the /yc alias, i.e /yc 3 madonna, which would open the dialog on the research page for madonna

I don't think I have forgotten to mention anything. Each option currently available has a small explaination within the script itself for viewing.

I you have any questions, please do not hesitate to join us on the channel #zone-script on the EpiKnet Server. Typing "/server -m -j #zone-script" in irc will bring you there.

I'd be more than happy to cover a topic of discussion of yours. The conversations we have on the channel are very varied. :)

Thanks to Saga for his multipage dialog, menu and scroll dcx (A tutorial on how I implemented both into one script will be next).


  • Unzip
  • place the folder titled youtube into your mirc directory
    (if you are not sure type //run. This will open the correct folder)
  • Go to mirc and type //load-rs youtube/youtube.mrc
  • Type /yc to open the configuration dialog



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nox`   -  Aug 04, 2013

Ther's a small error in the line 259 (version 4.3) which I had not thought if you want to correct it replace this line:

If ($regex($1,/(?:#|\?|&)t=([\ddhms]+)/S)) set -su1 %ythottime $duration($regml(1))

by this one

if ($regex(ytstartime,$1,/(?:[#?&])t=([\ddhms]+)/S)) set -u1 %ythottime $iif($regml(ytstartime,1) isnum,$v1,$duration($replace($v1,d,day $chr(32),h,hr $chr(32),m,min $chr(32),s,sec)))
VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Aug 04, 2013

I replaced the line 244 LoL⁹
this is because opening the dialog returns me this error, due to the path of another dcx.dll present in my script

  • /dll: unable to open file 'C:\VxD\addon\youtube\dcx.dll' (line 35, youtube.mrc)

I deleted these aliases and working properly, this plug-in continues to evolve for the better, thanks :)

alias dcx {
if ($isid) returnex $dll($scriptdiryoutube\dcx.dll,$1,$2-)
else !dll " $+ $scriptdiryoutube\dcx.dll" $1 $2-
alias udcx {
if ($dcx(IsUnloadSafe)) $iif($menu, .timer 1 0) !dll -u dcx.dll
else !echo 4 -qmlbfti2 [DCX] Unable to Unload Dll.
alias xdid {
if ($isid) returnex $dcx( _xdid, $1 $2 $prop $3- )
dcx xdid $2 $3 $1 $4-
alias xdialog {
if ($isid) returnex $dcx( _xdialog, $1 $prop $2- )
dcx xdialog $2 $1 $3-

nox`  -  Aug 04, 2013

Sorry I was absent the day of your visit and so I did not have you helped
New version dcx I do not know if you've seen

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Aug 04, 2013

i ve downloaded the new version from php dcx, i am preparing an update that includes youtube manager and also the new dcx.dll
Thanks again for the correction ;)

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nox`   -  Jul 25, 2013

Hello :D New version 4.3 released !!! The next version will be released soon and will download the videos and sounds
Screenshot early configuration dialog for downloads

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Jul 25, 2013

I must say that if you are using internet explorer with SmartScreen Filter enabled it is impossible to download this file, also the site of Hawkee paradoxically is recognized as unsafe. I reported to the file microsoft addon and the site as safe, i hope that other users Hawkee do the same thing LoL³
good work nox' :)

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nox`   -  May 23, 2013

Version 3.7 released !

nox`   -  Dec 28, 2012

Version 2 release :D

nox`  -  Apr 16, 2013

small update

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VxD aka DEATHJ0KER   -  Nov 28, 2012

Thank :)

nox`   -  Nov 28, 2012

You can see all the changes here

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER   -  Nov 27, 2012

thanks for putting out this new version of dcx.dll, not yet available in the forum ...I'd like to know what changes have been made​​, some visible to the naked eye on my dialog, of course I will give a little bit of work to fix the position of the icons in buttons, as in the previous version the position of 'icon was displayed in the center of the button.
Now is aligned well to 'start of text, for example ... I have yet to try the toolbar vertically, which has many more options to the position of 'icon.

nox`   -  Nov 26, 2012

Thanks for getting back to me
I'm glad that my remote is appreciated

I'm working on the version 2, i'll post soon.
Here is one of his new options:

I try to make maximum use of the possibilities offered by dcx.dll to show examples to those who want to try
I thank Ook that was quickly fixed the bugs and released almost instantly the version 2.0.1090 :
If you have any ideas, bugs to report or translations don't hesitate to post.

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER   -  Nov 25, 2012

just perfect

For those using the dcx.dll this plug-in is a niche product. Definitely will load one of my favorite addon

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