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Published  Jul 13, 2012
Updated  Nov 06, 2012
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Download Accelerator I made using the Qt Framework for C++

It only works with websites that allow the Range header, I might improve this later.

Source is at (Still need to update the src on Github)

Updated src (non-github):

Link to download:


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Hawkee   -  Nov 06, 2012

@FelicianoX Great! Good to see you back on the site. Maybe you can just update your GitHub repo and update the download link to go to that.

FelicianoX   -  Nov 06, 2012

@Hawkee Ah strange. I'll update them.

Hawkee   -  Nov 03, 2012

Need to update your links. This doesn't seem to be available anymore. Best just to update your GitHub repo.

alimak96   -  Sep 06, 2012

hmmmm ,,,, what this do

Sorasyn   -  Jul 13, 2012

My entire Internet connection needs an accelerator. LOL. However, I'll look into your script, many of my more lengthy downloads consistently drop to ~15/kbps which is outrageously slow.

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