Python bnc bot

Published  Mar 23, 2012
Updated  Mar 31, 2012


PyBNC is a python bouncer IRC bot.
It will connect to IRC and your bouncer at the same time.
So it can relay commands from IRC directly to your bouncer.
PyBNC will support ZNC, PsyBNC and Shroudbnc for now.


  • !uptime - Shows the uptime of your bouncer.


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Mar 31, 2012


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[nas]peter   -  Dec 25, 2012

@sagargulati it MUST be invalid. Do you run your own BNC server? If so, just change the pass.. then it might work.

sagargulati   -  Dec 25, 2012

@Jordyk19 : I got an error when i use !uptime >
Also while in znc status it says : A client from [] attempted to login as you, but was rejected [Invalid Password].

It shows an invalid password while i entered the correct password. Help please, thanks!

zoldyckx   -  Sep 24, 2012

how to use this one? newbie here.. anyone can help me? thanks in advance :]

Jordyk19   -  Mar 26, 2012

Changing plan, Next week i update PyZNC here, I have not enough time :(

Jordyk19   -  Mar 24, 2012

Nope its git :)

Hawkee   -  Mar 24, 2012

Do you use git or Mercurial? If it's Mercurial then I can see why you'd choose bitbucket. I'm considering creating a Hawkee API and an app that allows users to import their github projects into Hawkee.

Jordyk19   -  Mar 24, 2012

Because i like bitbucket it's nice, fast and great support. maybe soon i will get a github account ;)

Hawkee   -  Mar 24, 2012

Oh nevermind, I see you have it on bitbucket. Why did you choose bitbucket over github?

Hawkee   -  Mar 24, 2012

I noticed the file. Do you also have this on github?

Jordyk19   -  Mar 24, 2012

Version 3.0 Tomorrow!

sagargulati  -  Mar 12, 2013

@Jordyk19 Where did you go??? i need the script to work ^_^

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