Vii Bot (a.k.a Muts)

Published  Jan 07, 2012
Updated  Jan 07, 2012
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Simple bot I am working on, programmed in OO not the best coding I know but it is working for me;

including with the script:

  • auth system with an authserv bot (IRC services, on the server it self.)
    ps. planning to add nickserv support also
  • simple clearence system (Need to be extended)
  • simple commands and easy to add system

  • modular php programming, scripts can be reloaded without restarting the whole bot :)
  • Test file, to see how to make a simple command working

when downloaded the map "logs" need to be created en chmodd to 777, othewise the bot wont go online :).

readme still needed to be added, so may be wierd to get it work fully in the beginning, you can test the bot for sure on, test my own bot there also and an authserv system is on it :)


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Vox91   -  Jan 08, 2012

yeah I am going to refactor the whole thing with an sql class, though for the start an mysql connection would do fine if the full basic is finished I am going to change the thing with an factory class :)

and thx, first attempt for irc bot in OO

Wade   -  Jan 07, 2012

Looks good :D

Perhaps look into the PDO class as a database handler rather than using mysql* functions. Its compiled in C++ and uses the MySQL API directly (as well as supporting many other database drivers) so its alot faster than the standard mysql* functions.

Also its OO and alot more secure against SQL Injection as it uses prepared statements and binds.

FYI. Should always chmod to 755 rather than 777, otherwise every user on the system will be able to write to the files, where as with 755 only the http daemon user can ;)

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