xMENU DCX xPopups Ver.3 Rev.C

Published  Nov 30, 2011
Updated  Jan 12, 2016
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PLUG-IN for mIRC 7

Popups mIRC color, image background, icons, trasparency, personalized manner using the DCX library.DLL

Extract the folder,----> dlls in the root of mirc (warning: do not operate if installed in the sub directory) es. c:\mIRC\
Once extracted or copied to the folder "dlls" in mIRC, invoke the editbox mirc the load plug-in
using this string:

/load -rs VxD\reset.mrc

Run the command message confirmation that loading will be displayed.

To open the engine use the xPoPuPs link in the Menubar of mIRC.

This addon is designed for mIRC 7 for so does not ensure the functioning in previous versions.




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ovelayer   -  Apr 07, 2015

guess i should have posted the error in this thread sorry because this is the addon i was using when i got the error

VxD aka DEATHJ0KER  -  Apr 07, 2015

xpopups has nothing to do with nicklust :)

ovelayer  -  Apr 07, 2015

ya sorry ment to post in the gui thread.. i can't read today lol

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Ahmed Zaggoudi   -  Dec 09, 2011

Nice +1 :D

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