mSL-UpdateR - v1.2 (Updated)

Published  Nov 05, 2011
Updated  Nov 12, 2011


This add-on is one useful addon to download and update your mIRC serverslist (servers.ini) file from your mIRC fast and easy with 2 clicks, it is easy for using and have a lots of features on it, also you can modify any setting from the settings window of this remote e.g: change the menus, disable/enable the addon colors,fonts also this addon is the first created addon that supports 35 fonts and the new "Auto-Update" feature that updates your addon with ONE CLICK.. This remote is FREE with not any ad-ware or spy-ware, also you can find this remote on officials mIRC scripting websites. For any
problem or for something that is not going good or for your suggestion to make this addon better contact to the author via e-mail or visit our reporting forum here.

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Nov 12, 2011


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yelow79   -  Nov 23, 2011

sorry West I wasn't trying to say that you put a virus in. I was just simply trying to make a point that people are much less likely to try this as it is a .exe download.

^WeSt   -  Nov 22, 2011

@yelow79 i previously had an ZIP based code and have some bugs into the older windows version so the .exe file is FULLY secure also if there was any kind of virus your anti virus will inform you about it!

@Noutrious Agree but i like the better way! :)

yelow79   -  Nov 20, 2011

I don't like when have to download .exe files. would much rather just grab a snippet.

Noutrious   -  Nov 20, 2011

Everything's cool as TheImrac says, but it could be a LOT cleaner and simpler. You've made too much of a deal out of this. It could even be based only on mIRC standart menu. :)

TheImrac   -  Nov 17, 2011

Ah, cool stuff man!

^WeSt   -  Nov 12, 2011



prince123  -  Oct 31, 2014


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^WeSt   -  Nov 11, 2011

@Noutrious I thing that the letters is not a critical problem, if you download the addon and install it you will see that the other letters of the addon is regular.

@Thelmrac The (unrar.exe) file that is include into the addon helps to automatically unrar the new downloaded version of this addon, the (unrar,exe) file has been created from the WinRaR GmbH company (Alexander Roshal) and has not include any virus or anything else!

@Lenoox This issue has been fixed into the next addon version!, Thanks!

Lenooox   -  Nov 09, 2011

Invalid format: $input_msg (line 726, mSL-UpdateR.mrc)

TheImrac   -  Nov 09, 2011

Also, why do you need an executable? Seems a little sketchy (although i am sure its fine).

Noutrious   -  Nov 09, 2011

What's with those uppercase letters? Seeing UpdateR instead of Updater stops me from downloading it.

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