Auto Identify

Published  Oct 08, 2011
Updated  Oct 08, 2011


Here is a nice simple script to automatically identify any number of nicks with different passwords. Simply load the script, right click in any status or channel window, add your nick and pass and hit add. Then you’ll never have to worry about identifying again.

The option appears in the menubar and status/channel window right click



926 B
Oct 08, 2011


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irchainscriptz   -  Oct 14, 2011

Nice dialog simple and too the point.

Chinshy   -  Oct 14, 2011

okay ty for the info and nice work

pball   -  Oct 13, 2011

Chinshy this script automatically identifies in 3 ways.

On connect, On nick change, and if nickserv sends a message saying to identify. It only does it if your current nick is added of course. There is also /ident which will manually identify yourself

Chinshy   -  Oct 13, 2011

well i wanna ask when it does identify i loaded it and put the nicks and password and still nothing

yelow79   -  Oct 09, 2011

Yes I see that. And I think you did a great job on this. Just not something I would use.I give it an 8.

pball   -  Oct 09, 2011

I swore I posted a comment a while ago. Well thanks for the on topic comment MakiMaki.

yelow79: just saying this does more than perform does, like identify if you change nicks or nickserv goes down and you have to re identify after it starts back up

yelow79   -  Oct 09, 2011

Not bad but I like to use the built in perform in mirc for this.

  -  Oct 09, 2011

Nice work.

Just goes to show how many people are to busy needing to tell people were to post things instead of looking at the post, and posting something related to the thread or hey great job...

Jethro   -  Oct 09, 2011

I'm more accustomed to viewing a snippet or addon than downloading it, especially for a small code as small as 926 B. I suppose you could say, "to each their own then."

jaytea   -  Oct 09, 2011

hah, well, i was about to say a thing or two about the lack of a 'Add on' section, of which this work fulfills the precise requirements, then i scroll up and noticed:

Home > mIRC > Scripts > IRC > Addons

so yea, perfectly fine. i know the line between 'Snippet' and 'Addon' has come to be blurred on this site, but that doesn't make it wrong to keep addons out of the snippets section.

Jethro   -  Oct 09, 2011

jaytea always has a way of slapping you in the face in the opposite direction.

jaytea   -  Oct 09, 2011

this is in exactly the right area of the site.

pball   -  Oct 08, 2011

Why would you say that?

This has a few events and a dialog so I don't see why it would a snippet which is supposed to be basic and singular in function. (Yes this script has a single function overall but it has multiple parts that makes it up and isn't that the definition of a script?)

blackvenomm666   -  Oct 08, 2011

ok this is NOT a script it should be posted as a snippet

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