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Published  Oct 08, 2011
Updated  Oct 08, 2011
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This script checks to see if the person you have a query open with is still online. When someone you have a query open with goes offline a message will appear in that window alerting you of that. If the person comes back online it will also notify you in that case.

The script checks every 30 seconds to see if nicks are online
When a nick is offline it will only echo to the query window once every 30 minutes if they are still offline
This script will work for as many nicks as the particular network supports with the ison command, Rizon supports at least 8


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Oct 08, 2011


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Mrmot   -  Apr 28, 2014

Hey i have a one question. I need query checker that will check if nick is online and if it is it will show info Query started with.... time date, but if nick is offline (not on server) it will not show info Querty starter only open query.

Jethro   -  Nov 08, 2011

lol next time I'll post a snippet as a script, so maybe I won't get many hits in my comment section. People have to download it to find out.

pball   -  Nov 07, 2011

Savage_CL I think you are making this into too much of an issue. I'm simply following the standard definitions of scripts and snippets, which most people on Hawkee don't. It's as simple as that and I'm not going to change how I post scripts.

Savage_CL   -  Nov 06, 2011

The scripts section is used for those script that require many files, such as Dani_l11's chess. It needs images. Or one like mine, which includes a readme and a logo file. This is a single file that serves a simple purpose and it should be, by hawkee standards, in the snippet section.

Jethro   -  Nov 05, 2011

The word script and snippet are often misinterpreted and misused interchangeably these days. A script is different part of snippets compelled together, and its objective include more than one function; on many an occasion it serves various assignments. Compared to snippet, it's a short code that does merely, usually engage in one purpose and is not connected to any other parts of code. The size of a snippet is relatively small most of the time, resulting in meager bytes.

pball   -  Nov 05, 2011

Because it is a script and unlike most people I just felt like posting my scripts in the scripts section and snippets in the snippets section. There was a discussion on another script I posted.

Savage_CL   -  Nov 05, 2011

Why is this not posted in the snippet section, where it is so much easier for one file scripts to be downloaded and used?

JavierFlix   -  Oct 25, 2011

Script check is sound good... Is it really helps to track any nicks; that he/she is online or not? I am waiting for it when come in handy. seo miami

Scakk   -  Oct 10, 2011

Interesting little snippet. Might come in handy with something else I was tinkering with.

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