SharkIRC (Beta)

Published  Aug 19, 2011
Updated  Jan 11, 2014


My first Script, and no it's not complete yet, I am still working on this and when I'm finished it will have a help file of it's own.
This is the third release, it's still in beta as I Just started coding again and This has many bug fixes and add-ons.


2.17 MB
Jan 11, 2014


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Sharky_Dude   -  Sep 25, 2011

Thank you Frenetic
Oh and this version you can easily change all of the colors you see including text, background, toolbar, and switchbar. but then NEXT version when you do that, it'll change the dialog colors as well :D

Frenetic   -  Sep 25, 2011

Too colourful for my liking. I like that you can change the colours on the go though. Nice job.

Sharky_Dude   -  Sep 25, 2011

Between Version 1, and this one, 88 downloads... and this is all the comments I get? No real help here :/

Sharky_Dude   -  Sep 08, 2011

Okay So I did some updates, mainly to the visual theme, but some ircd commands in the menu. Instead of re-posting it, I updated it here, there were 65 uploads for the first, and everthing that was there before is still there, just there is some more. I expect I'm about half way done.

blackvenomm666   -  Aug 23, 2011

so i downloaded and tested. compared to what im use to its kinda blank although this is just the beta version of it so hopefully more will be added. but what is there works and works as it is meant to.i really liked how the backgrounds colors and such change when you change your font. i never thought of doing something like that

Sharky_Dude   -  Aug 23, 2011

Ya I know, but those passwords are obsolete anyway, Tish is my Girlfriend.

Dani_l11   -  Aug 22, 2011

Next time you upload files don't add personal stuff like passwords.

By the way, who is tish?

RJosh   -  Aug 22, 2011

"[@] Auron956: Wow, I downloaded a script from Hawkee to have a look at it. The uploader has included his personal logs in with the script..."

I wouldn't advise keeping your personal notes within the script you're going to upload.

A friend of mine located them.

Sharky_Dude   -  Aug 20, 2011

I added pics to my profile Dani_|11 sorry I didn't think to add them to this page

Jethro_ I hadn't actually thought of that

22 downloads and not one comment on the actual script?

Jethro   -  Aug 20, 2011

Perhaps you should've called it: > SharkIRC (Beta)It's not finished as you mentioned.

Dani_l11   -  Aug 20, 2011

It's a theme script, I assume? Mind posting a picture of it?

Sharky_Dude   -  Aug 19, 2011

To change your theme and font colors type !colorset number number ei !colorset 9 1, that's actually what it's set to now.

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