My 1st simple script Hawkee

Published  Jun 26, 2011
Updated  Jun 26, 2011


Hello :)
This is my 1st script mIRC
I was choose some snippets from here without forget to giveing names of people (All Rights Reserved)
So these is the database of our mIRC

-> Aliases cF1,F2 .... F12 = kicks
-> /partall = parting all chans
-> Hawkee Snippet Search 2.0 By: Dean
-> 5 Windows (@Clones - @Highlights - @KicksBans - @Channels - @Notices
-> Full background Hawkee
-> Reg-nick By: Aha2Y
-> Query blcoker By: Dean
-> Menu channel : set mode website ... ect
-> Menu (for IRCop) : shun kill akill ... ect
-> Capital letter and full stop By: zexx0r
-> Away System By: Dj_801
-> Searching nick /findnick nick
-> Searching Address or Host By: Epic

You will find some bad expression in my mIRC because I don't speaking goog my English :$ Sorry about that :$

Enjoy ! ;)



1.75 MB
Jun 26, 2011


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irchainscriptz   -  Jun 30, 2011

Good looking forward to it.

Ahmed Zaggoudi   -  Jun 30, 2011

v2 ... Soon !

napa182   -  Jun 28, 2011

AmytiX, Good to know that you are going to make your own.

Ahmed Zaggoudi   -  Jun 28, 2011

SunnyD : lol
napa182 : exaclty the next verision of my script , I will make it myself .

napa182   -  Jun 27, 2011

lol @ SunnyD

um maybe make a script using all your own snippets rather then loading a mIRC full of things from this site. I mean anyone can do that. To me it would be better to make your own, but to each their own....

Sorasyn   -  Jun 27, 2011

Silence is golden; I guess that means your script is, speaking figuratively, bulletproof. Lol

Ahmed Zaggoudi   -  Jun 27, 2011

lol 21 downloads and no comments xD
Your comments are important important for me :x

Ahmed Zaggoudi   -  Jun 26, 2011

He has nice desktop !!

Sorasyn   -  Jun 26, 2011

@IRChainscriptz; I love your theme lmao.

Agreed it is very nice looking, not busy as hell (Rainbow themes) and not too bland (mIRC Default theme.) Very nice. :)

Ahmed Zaggoudi   -  Jun 26, 2011
  • SunnyD :
    you are right , I should ask them to give me thier permissions . But in any way they aceepte they will accept and without forgeting to I was put names of the person who made his snippet into Remote ! That's means i'm not a stealer of snippet lol ^^
  • irchainscriptz :
  • Thank's ^^ , the next verision will be good than this :D
irchainscriptz   -  Jun 26, 2011

yeah its a nice looking script, simple to the eyes. Yes a credit is due to the snippet makers used in this script. but other then that all works well and its a 8/10 from me.


Sorasyn   -  Jun 26, 2011

/partall is a built-in function of mIRC. I'm assuming you did the background and other related items, which admittingly, look nicer than I had expected. It might be necessary to provide credit to the authors of those snippets that you have included, along with links to said snippets. (Or at least have asked them. :s)

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