Published  Jun 06, 2011
Updated  Jun 07, 2011
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VenoMirc update 4 is here. there are more dialogs of course but i also did some right click menu commands mostly for chatspace there are a couple ircd ones not many that is my next step getting more ircd commands in the irc i also updated the mp3 player making it easier to use. Any questions contact me here or go to one of the chats that are listed in the Sever system that loads when you start mirc. just double click on a server in it and it will connect you to it. hopefully everyone likes it i dont think i'll be releasing another one for a while


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blackvenomm666   -  Feb 04, 2012

ty weldon much appreciated

Weldon   -  Feb 03, 2012

man you make some good scripts bud :D

blackvenomm666   -  Feb 02, 2012

they must have removed it. eh try my new one
i will be updating it within a week. as for the old one i ran into some bugs that i never bothered fixing i still have it somewhere i'll fix it eventually and re release it

eyiezinc   -  Feb 02, 2012

Invalid or Deleted File.

irchainscriptz   -  Jun 09, 2011

kool blackvenomm666 will try it this weekend on server!!

Weldon   -  Jun 07, 2011

you go buddy!!

blackvenomm666   -  Jun 07, 2011

there are pics/icons and some sound files. plus all the stuff that i scripted for it

blackvenomm666   -  Jun 07, 2011

no my logs arent in it

afp_romania   -  Jun 07, 2011

OMG 29 Mb???? there are all your logs in there??:))))))))))

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