Published  May 13, 2011
Updated  Jan 08, 2013


Suggestions, comments, concerns. Feel free to leave something.

(Also looking for ideas to add onto the dialog)

There is a readme located within the archive

Added support for mPaste.com
Removed pastebin.com due to requiring a unique API key to access
Currently supports mPaste.com, ideone.com, codepad.org

Previous Updates:
It now removes the directory once you unload.
Added definition to the menu popup so it's not in the nicklist popup.
Added text beside lines & bytes editboxes.
Added file support. You're now able to select a file and it will open the
file and add the contents to the dialog for you to upload it.
Added multi-site support. I will now be adding more sites to the list as
I get suggestions or find new ones to add. (supports pastebin.com and

Kol: Idea for the byte counter (byte counter dialog)



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Jan 08, 2013


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RJosh   -  Jan 08, 2013

To anyone who still uses this: redownload the zip file, this is a working update. Any thing older than this simply won't work for pastebin.com (pastebin.com is no longer public access to the api, so it's been removed entirely, and mpaste.com has been added)

irchainscriptz   -  May 15, 2011

Nice job RJosh

Memoli   -  May 15, 2011


I want to suggest a few things:

1) Can you make it so that Name: Email: mIRC: etc saves always when i open the dialog ?
I am to lazy for write it everytime :D

2) A Button for Copy the link after "Submit" like Click "here" for Copy the link to your CTRL + C or Message to the Active channel or Echo :D

Just noticed when i click to Submit its already copies the link to CTRL + C :D

Burrito   -  May 15, 2011

I was going to say "Did you leech this off of SwiftIRC?" Then I noticed that you were RJosh (JoshR). Nice script anyways :)

RJosh   -  May 15, 2011

Never left, just forgot my password haha!

Hawkee   -  May 14, 2011

Great to see you back RJosh!

Memoli   -  May 14, 2011

Good Job

I hope you will update it soon

RJosh   -  May 14, 2011

I will consider it depending on other observations given in time.

blackvenomm666   -  May 13, 2011

the b one is what i was talkin bout:D

RJosh   -  May 13, 2011

I will eventually be adding a feature to either

A) Save links of your old posts and check them when clicked on and collect the data posted and display it, or remove the link from your history if it's been deleted.
B) Allows you to supply a link and it will collect the data posted from the link and display it, or tell you if it's been deleted.

blackvenomm666   -  May 13, 2011

what about another one that does the opposite and grabs from pastebin an such

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