simple C print script

Published  Dec 23, 2010
Updated  Dec 23, 2010
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this is the simple c script print
i mean anybody can do this
this was made for beciners


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Dec 23, 2010


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sunslayer   -  Dec 23, 2010

I'm not sure what compiler you are using but your code won't work with GCC, you don't have the main function and you don't call any headers

macs-rock   -  Dec 23, 2010

yeh thats just the print part now the full code for it

jaytea   -  Dec 23, 2010

unless you have a C interpreter to speak of, the term 'C script' is a misnomer. a C source file is commonly referred to as a 'module'.

since C modules are generally compiled, it would be a good idea to include a fully compilable C file and instructions on how to compile it. your file is incomplete and lacks both a main method and an 'include' directive to tell the compiler where printf() is defined (in the system header file stdio.h).

only those who have never used C before will be unfamiliar with your example. it is imperative (lol) that these people learn the concepts mentioned above if they wish to do anything useful or productive with it.

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