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Published  Oct 30, 2010
Updated  Oct 30, 2010
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This is my first script in a long time
basicly i made this so i can play movies and music while on irc and wanted a bit of a task plus i like mplayer i did add hash tables to it but ive removed them since it was buggy with hash tables one of the bugs with this tho is that it can only read from folders in C:\ drive with only dots and underscores example(C:\music\sean_kingston\track.01.mp3) but im in the biz of sorting that out

You will need to download mplayer and place it in C:\ so its like [C:\mplayer]

PS: theres also an announce that echos the file your playing



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Oct 30, 2010


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zenx   -  Nov 03, 2010

\o\ thx m8.

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