Published  Aug 30, 2010
Updated  Aug 30, 2010
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Entry Bot is a mIRC based irc bot.
It can protect your channel. and more.
You only need mIRC to run it.

How install.

  1. Download the latest .zip
  2. Extract the files to a folder.
  3. Go to C:\progamfiles\mIRC\mIRC.exe
  4. Copy the mIRC.exe to your Bot folder.
  5. Execute the mIRC.exe


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Aug 30, 2010


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Hawkee   -  Aug 31, 2010

Jethro, thanks for the suggestion. I was considering doing something along those lines.

Jethro   -  Aug 31, 2010

I think Hawkee should allow the option for a preview before one can choose to download a script.

napa182   -  Aug 31, 2010

tbh this script is really bad scripting.. most of the snippets within it are redundant and floody.. out of a score 1/10 id give it a 2

wikkedfin   -  Aug 30, 2010

i see empty files.. script1.mrc has " on *:text:! ", it needs cleaned up..

d8e93jf9vwp   -  Aug 30, 2010

You know, people can also make their own bots. Also, we need to know what it does.

Grant-   -  Aug 30, 2010

What does it do? What can it do? Why should we get this over other bots?

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