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Published  Jun 05, 2010
Updated  Jun 05, 2010


This is native (NOT mts engine) Irssi default.theme for mIRC, 100% like Irssi
Include original ANSI rgb colors for mIRC (^k0-15)

Install: extract archive to $mircdir and then type /load -rs scripts/irssi.mrc
Automatic sets colors and clears all windows.

Enjoy! =)



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Jun 05, 2010


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Spoofing   -  Nov 27, 2010
verbat1m   -  Nov 23, 2010

hello spoofing,
dont understand why i'm getting this message: * /window: invalid parameters (line 211, irssi.mrc) that corresponds this code -> window -g2 $nick

Yes I'm away, but this message appear some time, really not very often. I try to figure what happens, but i'm doing nothing and message appear from nothing, no pm window open, just main chat and one status window active...

if you have time, could you see it please.

thank you
I'm very very happy so far with the irssi theme.

verbat1m   -  Nov 07, 2010

thank you Spoofing,
for away i have just created an away.txt and no error message showed...
also replaced all -ti to -ati on whois and worked too...

thank you so much for the help.

Spoofing   -  Nov 06, 2010

you can remove this line

alias away irssi::away $1-

it store all away reasons in file, no really needed, so if you want for work this, just create files/away.txt file.

for whois, from raw 311:: to raw 318:: replace all echo -ti to echo -ati except if (%::query. [ $+ [ $cid ] $+ . $+ [ $2 ] ])

about names i think..

verbat1m   -  Nov 06, 2010

hello Spoofing,
sorry to bump again...

found a little bug in away,

  • /write: unable to open file 'C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\mIRC\files\away.txt' (line 91, irssi.mrc)

my mIRC is on C:/mIRC
under XP SP3

when i go away "/away" this message appear on status, can you fix it or help me to fix it myself.

also have two suggestion if you have time to waste, if not dont worry about these above:

  1. in /names can you do when nickname is very long to be cuted or limited with characters eg:
    [This-is-my-name] to be [This-is-my....] becoming such not change the uniform of names if there are long nickname.

  2. any chance to have /whois shown in active?

thank you

verbat1m   -  Nov 02, 2010

Now is perfect on my mIRC...
the replace ---2) works like a charm with help of monospaced font lucida console
thank you very much for your attention and assistence man.
best regards!

Spoofing   -  Nov 02, 2010

1) /font -z 10 Fixedsys for set monospaced font

2) find

$str( ,$calc(%long - $len(%nick)))

and replace to

$str($chr(160),$calc(%long - $len(%nick)))
verbat1m   -  Nov 02, 2010

hello Spoofing,
thank you, ty for fast fix...

but watching your screenshot, i think that is almost PERFECT with /names #, but in my mirc is different again, please take a look here:
it' is fixed but not aligned right "always on my mirc".

on the irssi theme code i've only change RAW 353, 355 and 366 but as you see on my screen is not like yours. Or i've done something wrong?
i doubt have done wrong because: i just have copy your fixed code and replace the old one but the result are different... i'm using Tahoma 8x font, do you have any suggestion for me, or do i need to wait for an update of the irssi theme here?

thank you again, this theme is blessed.

Spoofing   -  Nov 01, 2010

verbat1m, here fixed /names #:

Font is any monospaced... Fixedsys =)

verbat1m   -  Nov 01, 2010

really great theme, thank you
i'm using it right now and dont have in mind to change... always like irssi theme, but wonder it's only me or the /names is not aligned like original? on my echo is listening like this

\x10\x57\x23 [&[MindForge]  ]
\x10\x57\x23 [ Drexel       ]
\x10\x57\x23 [ Felix        ]
\x10\x57\x23 [ Woozy        ]
\x10\x57\x23 [ ZipFace      ]

i hope you'll fix the /names, to appear one by one from right and not for down.
again thanks a lot for the best theme.

what font do you suggest me to use?

jasonh   -  Aug 29, 2010

looks great, thanks

Jethro   -  Jun 05, 2010

I believe not everyone likes the dark theme. It'd be nice if you could make a "reverse" version with white background and black text. Basically another version that contrasts this one. Or better yet, make a switch of some sort to toggle between these options... I know people who know MSL can modify it by themselves, but those who don't, it might be a bit challenging to them.

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