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Published  Jun 03, 2010
Updated  Jun 03, 2010


This is advanced URL informer script.

Current supports: html pages (title), jpeg, png, gif, flv, txt formats. Also sites: tinyurl.com, depositfiles.com and some other...

Example log with my bot:

<@Spoofing> http://www.hawkee.com
<@Bot> URL: Hawkee Technology Social Network

<@Spoofing> http://www.hawkee.com/images/logo.jpg
<@Bot> PIC: JPEG[image/jpeg] w:255 h:90 @ 15.26KB

<@Spoofing> http://www.mediacollege.com/video-gallery/testclips/20051210-w50s.flv
<@Bot> VIDEO: FLV[text/plain] w:360 h:288 @ 25 FPS, 00:00:16 (Videocodec: VP6-E, 260 kbit/s; Audiocodec: MP3, 40 kbit/s) @ 653.36KB

Nice, yep? :)

All file formats have been implemented from scratch, without using external libraries. 100% written in mIRC.


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Jun 03, 2010


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^WeSt   -  Oct 11, 2013

.txt files not working also .html files not working!!

MashhitDK   -  Sep 30, 2011

Just wanted to say thanks... have no idea how this works but it works pretty awesome \o/

KooD   -  Jan 05, 2011

Hmm..i have one problem..i but this script on to my mirc bot and it have BNC..Well some link infos gets through on the channel of my BNC provider, and someones dont like it..So im asking that can this script make work on few channels.. i cant part out of my BNC providers channel because then my bot will lose BNC and that i dont want.

And sorry of my bad english..i know, it sucks :)

Brock   -  Sep 15, 2010


Jeroenz0r   -  Sep 05, 2010
  • /hadd: insufficient parameters (line 242, urlinf.mrc)

What should I do?

Spoofing   -  Jun 04, 2010

why didn't you include the dll?

not necessarily, works withoutdll.
script is targeted at English-speaking audience, as you, so I did not consider it necessary to do so. more simply: forgot =)

If you really want, you can download here: http://xise.nl/mirc/idna.zip

Example, I from Russia and we have our domain ".рф"
http://президент.рф -> IDNA (idna.dll,encode) -> http://xn--d1abbgf6aiiy.xn--p1ai

napa182   -  Jun 04, 2010

why didn't you include the dll?

Spoofing   -  Jun 03, 2010

scripts are for multiple files, this should have been posted as a snippet

I'll remember this for the future, thanks.

sunslayer   -  Jun 03, 2010

scripts are for multiple files, this should have been posted as a snippet

Spoofing   -  Jun 03, 2010

:) for client no difference, client gets html code


@all: Sorry, I forgot to add the alias in script:

alias doublelong {
tokenize 32 $1
var %doublelong = $base($+($base($1,10,16,2),$base($2,10,16,2),$base($3,10,16,2),$base($4,10,16,2),$base($5,10,16,2),$base($6,10,16,2),$base($7,10,16,2),$base($8,10,16,2)),16,2,64)
return $+($iif($left(%doublelong,1),-),$calc($base($+(1.,$right(%doublelong,52)),2,10) * 2 ^ ($base($mid(%doublelong,2,11),2,10) - 1023)))

It need for working .FLV files

joelp53   -  Jun 03, 2010

Only one problem most sites don't use HTML they use PHP
But other than that awsome script

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