Fractions Calculator

Published  Apr 13, 2010
Updated  Oct 04, 2015
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Gummo   -  Apr 16, 2010

Ok, I didn't really look into the code much when I read it before. :P

Gummo   -  Apr 15, 2010

@mountaindew, 5/-1 should be -5. That's what.

Hawkee   -  Apr 15, 2010

Let me know if you get a notice for this now.

Hawkee   -  Apr 14, 2010

@mountaindew, thanks for catching that.

Hawkee   -  Apr 14, 2010

Was going to try this out but it looks like I need to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Been putting it off until I finally have a reason to upgrade. I think this just might be my reason.

Gummo   -  Apr 13, 2010

Does it fix negatives so there's never a negative denominator?

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