Warewolf/Mafia game bot (Mafia theme)

Published  Feb 16, 2009
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About the game: Simply put, to win the game be the last team standing. There are three teams: Civilian Team (civilians, doctor, homeless bum, and detective), Mafia Team (mafia 1, mafia 2, etc), and Killer Team (killer alone). Before the game starts, the bot will query (PM) everybody to accept or reject a role, and that's how you know what role you are. If you reject, you'll either be given a different role if one is rejected, or you'll be a civilian. Every night everybody except the civilians have something to do, and the bot PMs everyone with his/her actions. During the day there's an optional voting to hang a person, if that person is hung, he/she dies and is taken out of the game.

Installation: To set up the bot, it's fairly easy, just copy the code below into the mIRC Remotes or Aliases tab (alt+R to get there). Upon loading the script it will set the very minimum variables it needs, such as the colors, and the like. By default the bot's nick will be MafiaGameBot, the password to identify via NickServ is PASSWORDGOESHERE, and the game channel is #MafiaGameChannel. To change either the nick or password use /set %BotsNick nick-here or /set %BotsPass password-here, or use an operator command, which is also talked about below. To change the gaming channel, use /set %GameChannel #Channel-here Upon connecting to the server the bot will join the channel, identify it's nick, and be ready to start playing.


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Feb 16, 2009


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Sunmannus   -  Sep 10, 2012

Any progress?

PackRat   -  Aug 28, 2012

For those who care, I'm currently working on fixing all of the bugs, hopefully I'll get them all worked out in a few days if my job allows it.

Sunmannus   -  Aug 28, 2012


I would love have this script running properly :/

zelic   -  Aug 25, 2012

some1 can fix this ?

Trotils   -  Jan 04, 2011

something wrong in script ... it doesnt create
in mirc directory .... it doesnt cerate it at all...

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