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Published  Dec 25, 2007
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This utility lets you manage your scripts, allowing you to load/unload them with a simple click of a button. There is also a function to convert .ini files to .mrc files and back. You can get info on loaded and unloaded scripts, and view them in a neat dialog, as well as search for scripts on any hard drive.


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Dec 25, 2007


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The readme was very great, gave a sneak peak of the features and told you how to load it. Great!
I loaded the script and opened it up. I immediately found one "bug" i disliked. It detects "alises.ini" as a script file, "url.ini" and so on as a script file. They are a script file, as they end with *.ini, but the author should of though of that and add a exclusion or similar.

The script supported several features, unloading a script, loading a new one, unloading all, loading all, reloading, etc etc.
Then there's a tab to "view" the scripts, I liked that one! You load the script up and it gets loaded into the list/edit box. Then there are 2 combos to tell u how many on *:*: events there are and how many alises. You can pick a event/alias in the combo and it will take you down to that line, very handy!

Then there's a "search" tab, very handy aswell. Could most likely have been made more user friendly, as this includes the path, makes it very hard if you have a long path like i did.

Other then that, Greak work! Keep it up and good luck in the future!
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