News Script

By Cazz
Published  Dec 25, 2007


This News Script is mostly for bots; you can add news by typing 'n add and it will save your news.

To view it, simply type 'news
and it will play news.txt (means it will say the news inside news.txt)

To delete news, just type `n del



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Dec 25, 2007


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Cazz   -  Jul 21, 2009

I will be revisiting this script big time! I feel like I have lots to do for this one :)

Cazz   -  Jul 21, 2009

Thanks for the comments!

Bluepower10   -  Jan 10, 2009

This is a simple, but nice script. Good work.

@undertaker28: On line 8, at the beginning.

undertaker28   -  Jul 08, 2008

tnx for the info but were in the script do i put that line

Jonesy44   -  Jun 27, 2008

if ($nick isop #channel/$chan) {

Cazz   -  Jun 26, 2008

if ($nick isop) {

undertaker28   -  Mar 08, 2008

just to let you guy j=know ive sorted tnx for your help

1 qusetion more if you can help....can i make this only ops can do the delete part

undertaker28   -  Mar 08, 2008

yes ive tried that and it dont read the text file in the pm

guest598594   -  Mar 07, 2008

replace the \"msg $chan\"\'s to \"msg $nick\"

undertaker28   -  Mar 07, 2008

hi ,

i would like this to send the news in a pm,
instead of in channel, any ideas plz

tnx in advance

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